Who is Eric Hovde Wife: The Partner Behind the Politician

In the realm of politics, where attention often focuses on leaders and representatives, the supportive partners who stand by them often go unnoticed. This article highlights Sharon Hovde, the wife of Eric Hovde, a prominent businessman and U.S. Senate candidate from Wisconsin.

A Supportive Partnership

Sharon Hovde, formerly a model and actress, has been a steadfast support for her husband, Eric Hovde. Their marriage combines personal affection with professional collaboration, with Sharon playing a significant role in their real estate ventures.

Family and Values

The Hovdes have three daughters, and their family life revolves around strong values and community commitment. They live in a lakefront mansion in Madison, Wisconsin, and also own a luxurious estate in Laguna Beach, California.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Apart from supporting her husband’s political aspirations, Sharon Hovde is involved in philanthropy and community service. Their dedication to giving back reflects their shared values and vision for a better society.


Sharon Hovde’s influence and support may not always be in the public eye, but they are crucial to Eric Hovde’s life and career. As Eric continues his political journey, Sharon remains a steadfast partner, contributing to their shared aspirations and endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sharon Hovde?

Sharon Hovde is Eric Hovde’s wife, a U.S. Senate candidate and businessman from Wisconsin. Formerly a model and actress, she has been instrumental in supporting her husband’s political and business ventures.

What Role Does Sharon Hovde Play in Eric Hovde’s Career?

Sharon has been a consistent partner to Eric, offering both personal affection and professional collaboration. She has played a pivotal role in their real estate ventures and has been a supportive presence throughout Eric’s political journey.

How Does The Hovde Family Approach Their Personal Life And Values?

The Hovde family, which includes their three daughters, centers their lives around strong values and a dedication to the community. They prioritize family and giving back to society.

Are the Hovdes Involved In Philanthropy?

Yes, both Sharon and Eric Hovde actively engage in philanthropy and community service. Their charitable efforts and community involvement reflect their shared values and desire for societal improvement.

What is the Significance of Sharon Hovde’s Support for Eric?

Sharon’s support for Eric holds significance as it provides him with a solid foundation and partnership that contributes to his success in both politics and business. Though not always visible to the public eye, her role is essential to their shared aspirations and pursuits.


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