Navigating the 4th Stimulus: $750 Payments for Former Foster Youth in SoCal

Amid growing anticipation for the 4th stimulus check, residents in California’s inland southern region are on the brink of benefiting from direct payments, with potential amounts reaching up to $750. This innovative program aims to provide financial relief to specific groups, including new mothers and former foster children.

To be eligible for these direct payments, California’s Inland SoCal United Way has earmarked $10 million for distribution to qualified individuals. Among the beneficiaries are 500 expectant mothers in Riverside County, within their first six months of pregnancy, with incomes below $90,616. They are set to receive $600 per month for a duration of up to 18 months. Additionally, 120 former foster youth from Riverside or San Bernardino counties, earning below $88,847, will receive $750 monthly.

Scheduled to commence in early 2024, the payments for eligible recipients can be initiated through self-referral or agency referrals. Prospective recipients must ensure they meet the specified criteria to avoid any delays in accessing the much-needed financial assistance.

For those who believe they qualify for the 4th stimulus check, tracking down the payment and ensuring proper claim procedures are essential. Staying informed about updates and reaching out to relevant agencies can streamline the process, expediting the receipt of the direct payment.

The 4th stimulus check offers a promising avenue for eligible Californians to secure crucial financial support. By adhering to the outlined criteria and staying informed about the distribution process, individuals can navigate the system effectively and access the assistance they rightfully deserve.

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