Is Nick Stein sick? A look at the rumours about the TV chef health

Nick Stein, the British TV chef and son of celebrity cook Rick Stein, has been the subject of some rumours about his health lately. Some fans have speculated that he is suffering from a serious illness, while others have wondered if he has undergone cosmetic surgery. Here is what we know about the truth behind these rumours.

Nick Stein, a famous chef and TV personality, has been the subject of some health rumours lately. Some fans have wondered if he is sick or suffering from any illness, especially after his father Rick Stein underwent a heart surgery in 2023. Here is what we know about Nick Stein’s health and well-being.

Who is Nick Stein?

Nick Stein is the eldest son of Rick Stein, a renowned chef and restaurateur who has hosted several cooking shows for the BBC. Nick followed his father’s footsteps and became a chef himself, working at various restaurants and hotels around the world. He is currently the executive chef at The Seafood Restaurant, one of his father’s flagship establishments in Padstow, Cornwall. He also appears regularly on his father’s TV shows, such as Rick Stein’s Cornwall and Rick Stein’s Secret France.

Is Nick Stein Sick?

There is no official confirmation or evidence that Nick Stein is sick or suffering from any illness. However, some fans have speculated that he might have inherited some of his father’s health issues, such as a heart condition or depression.

Rick Stein revealed in 2024 that he had a heart operation in 2023 to replace a faulty valve in his aorta, which was causing him to become breathless. He also admitted that he feared he wasn’t going to ‘last much longer’ after the surgery, and that he had a history of depression in his family.

Nick Stein has not commented publicly on his father’s health or his own, but he has shown his support and love for his dad on social media.

In June 2023, he posted a picture of him and his father on Instagram, with the caption: “Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world. Love you lots xxx”. He also shared a photo of him and his father enjoying a meal together in Sydney, Australia, in January 2024, with the caption: “Great to see dad looking so well and happy. Always a pleasure to cook with him”.

What is the source of the rumours?

The rumours about Nick Stein’s health started circulating online after he appeared on his father’s show, Rick Stein’s Cornwall, in January 2024. Some viewers noticed that he looked different from his previous appearances, and commented on his weight loss, pale complexion, and facial features. Some suggested that he might have a thyroid problem, a liver condition, or even cancer. Others speculated that he had gone under the knife to enhance his looks.

How did Nick Stein respond to the rumours?

Nick Stein has not directly addressed the rumours about his health, but he has posted some photos and videos on his Instagram account that show him in good spirits and enjoying his life. He has also shared some of his culinary creations and tips, as well as some glimpses of his family and friends. He has not mentioned any health issues or surgeries in his posts, and has instead focused on his passion for food and travel.

What do his family and friends say?

Nick Stein’s family and friends have also not commented on the rumours about his health, but they have shown their support and love for him on social media. His father, Rick Stein, has praised his son’s cooking skills and expressed his pride in him.

His mother, Jill Stein, has posted some sweet photos of him with his siblings and nieces. His girlfriend, Olivia Cole, has gushed over him and called him her “soulmate”. His colleagues and fans have also complimented him and wished him well.


Nick Stein is a talented and successful TV chef, who has followed in his father’s footsteps and made a name for himself in the culinary world.

He has been the subject of some rumours about his health, but he has not confirmed or denied them. He has instead continued to share his love for food and travel with his followers, and to receive the support and admiration of his family and friends. We hope that he is healthy and happy, and that he will keep inspiring us with his delicious dishes.

Nick Stein is a talented chef and a devoted son, who seems to be in good health and spirits. He has not confirmed or denied any rumours about his health, but he has shown his appreciation and affection for his father, who has been through a major heart surgery. We hope that both Nick and Rick Stein are doing well and continue to share their passion for food and travel with their fans.

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