Is Kylie Jenner Dating?

Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire and reality TV star, has been making headlines with her love life. After breaking up with Travis Scott, the father of her two children, in January 2023, Jenner has been spotted with a new beau: Timothée Chalamet, the Oscar-nominated actor and heartthrob.

How did they meet?

Jenner and Chalamet first crossed paths at Paris Fashion Week in January 2023, where they attended Jean Paul Gaultier’s show. They were seen chatting and laughing in a group, but there was no indication of romance at the time.

In April 2023, rumors started swirling that the two were dating when Jenner’s Range Rover was photographed in Chalamet’s driveway. A source confirmed to PEOPLE that they were “hanging out and getting to know each other”, but added that it was “not serious”.

When did they go public?

The couple made their public debut in September 2023, when they were caught kissing at Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in Los Angeles. They were also seen together at New York Fashion Week and the US Open, where they cheered on Serena Williams.

A source told PEOPLE that Jenner and Chalamet’s relationship was “fun and uncomplicated” for the mom of two. “She is having fun. After years of back and forth with Travis, she just wants to date without any pressure,” the source said.

Are they official?

In December 2023, Jenner and Chalamet took their relationship to the next level by becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. They celebrated the holidays together with Jenner’s family and friends, and posted cozy photos on Instagram.

According to a source, the couple is “very happy” and “in love”. “They have a lot in common and enjoy each other’s company. They are supportive of each other’s careers and respect each other’s space,” the source said.

What’s next for them?

Jenner and Chalamet have not revealed any plans for the future, but they seem to be enjoying the present. They have been traveling together, attending events, and spending quality time with their families.

They have also been supportive of each other’s work, with Jenner praising Chalamet’s performance in Dune and Chalamet gushing over Jenner’s beauty empire. They have also collaborated on some projects, such as a Vogue cover and a Calvin Klein campaign.


Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood right now. They have been dating for over six months and have gone from casual to official. They have a fun and uncomplicated relationship that works for them. They are both successful, talented, and attractive, and they seem to make each other happy.

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