Hazbin Hotel Episode 5 Release Date: What to Expect in Episode 5?

Hazbin Hotel, the animated musical series about the princess of Hell and her attempt to rehabilitate sinners, has been a hit on Amazon Prime Video since its premiere on January 18, 2024. The show has received praise for its colorful animation, catchy songs, and dark humor. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next episodes to see what happens to Charlie Morningstar and her friends in the underworld.

Episode 5 Release Date and Schedule

According to the official announcement, Hazbin Hotel Episode 5, titled “Dad Beat Dad”, will be released on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, along with Episode 6, titled “Welcome to Heaven”. The show will then conclude its first season with Episodes 7 and 8 on Thursday, February 1, 2024, at the same time. All episodes will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Episode 5 Synopsis and Preview

The official synopsis for Episode 5 reveals that it will focus on the relationship between Charlie and her father, Lucifer, the ruler of Hell. Lucifer, who has been a neglectful parent to Charlie, decides to take an interest in her life and tries to end his old ways of being a deadbeat dad. However, his sudden involvement may not be welcomed by Charlie, who has her own plans for the future of Hell.

The preview for Episode 5 shows Lucifer visiting the Hazbin Hotel, where he meets Charlie’s friends and enemies. He also confronts Alastor, the powerful and mysterious radio demon who has been helping Charlie with her hotel project. Lucifer seems to have a history with Alastor, and warns him not to interfere with his daughter’s affairs. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to deal with her father’s presence and his expectations of her.

Episode 6 Synopsis and Preview

The official synopsis for Episode 6 reveals that it will take place in Heaven, the opposite realm of Hell. Charlie and her friends will have to face the heavenly bureaucracy and the mysterious god, who has a different vision for the afterlife. Charlie will also meet some of her relatives and ancestors, who may not approve of her choices.

The preview for Episode 6 shows Charlie and her friends arriving in Heaven, where they are greeted by a cheerful angel named Gabriel. Gabriel introduces them to the heavenly system, where souls are assigned to different levels of paradise based on their deeds. He also tells them that they have to pass a test to enter Heaven, or else they will be sent back to Hell. However, the test may not be as easy as it seems, and Charlie and her friends may have to face some unexpected challenges.


Hazbin Hotel is a unique and entertaining show that explores the themes of redemption, morality, and free will in a dark and humorous way. The show has a loyal fan base that is looking forward to the next episodes, which promise to deliver more drama, comedy, and musical numbers. Hazbin Hotel Episode 5 and 6 will be released on January 25, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video, followed by the season finale on February 1, 2024. Fans can also expect a second season of the show, which has been confirmed by Amazon.

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