What Happened To ZachNews?

Hello to all my ZachNews supporters, I started ZachNews back on Thursday, January 21st, 2010 to not only provide more news, weather, traffic, sports, government and events to the communities in and around Needles, California area, but to help myself moving forward on my dream in life that kept me wanting to stay alive during my years of physical, mental and sexual abuse from child to adult by my parents and from the people working for child protective service, foster care service and mental health systems.

I also experienced as a child and adult being held against my will, locked in a room and with no food for days well an alcoholic and drug addicting mother and abusive step father fearing me to never live or hurting me if I spoke out; all well my father who was also abusive and an alcoholic disappeared to hang out with his new wife and children.

Well in the broken system, I experienced teenagers trying to survive and threatening officers when I asked for help when I was being threaten and abused, dead bodies and homelessness of Skid Row, and being physically attacked by homeless drunk people just to name a few.

With all I had to deal with and witnesse over those years growing up, all of that caused so much depression, nightmares, trauma and mental suffering in my life, and to this day I’m still dealing with the physical and mental aftermath; dealing with major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and suicidal thoughts, including attempted to end my life.

But I held on to staying alive was my dream of becoming a broadcast photojournalist or broadcast journalist just like the great Stan Chambers at KTLA Channel 5.

As a child, I grow up watching “News At Ten” on KTLA Channel 5 with Hal Fishman and Jan Carls with Stan Chambers reporting where news and breaking news occurs.

When I moved the San Diego, California after 2006, I got volunteer behind the scene with several television stations; working along side photojournalists and reporters during news, breaking news and events in and around the San Diego, California area.

During my volunteer experience, I got to be along the front lines of many breaking news stories helping the photojournalists and reporters, including on the scene of a big yacht fire at The Embarcadero, protesters regarding illegal immigrants, a major landslide in La Jolla in October 2007, wildfires that swept across San Diego County in October 2007 that lead to mass evacuation and even sent people to an evacuation center that was set up at the Qualcomm Stadium where I also volunteered and Even received a signed thank you letter from the Mayor of San Diego; all volunteering with XETV-TV Channel 6 (formerly Fox 6 and San Diego CW 6).

In August 2007, I got to even celebrate my birthday with my mentor photojournalist David F. and a reporter, responding to the end of a police pursuit, got to eat dinner in the Green Room (the room wasn’t painted all green L.O.L.) and to watch behind the scenes the news at 10 which the 2 anchors through paper balls at each other right before they went live.

Before moving, I got to volunteer along side photojournalists and reporters with KSWB-TV Fox Channel 5 (Formerly CW 5), including on the scene of the San Diego Street Scene music festival near Petco Park paseball field and the deadly F/A-18 military plane crash in University City in December 2008 with Rafeal M. and reporter Jamie Chambers who’s the son of the great Stan Chambers of KTLA Channel 5.

Through all my volunteer work I got to learn a lot about being a photojournalist and what occurs behind the scene in broadcast news, including working on very expensive equipment that they trusted me so much to handle and got to even witnessed emotions from journalists when reporting on tragedies and hatred they receive just for reporting on real news; the real news isn’t all glamorous, fame and happy, you’re dealing with real life situations that are emotional and can be dangerous.

These photojournalists and reporters taught me a lot and became mentors and even friends; learning what real journalism is and not what some people even today think journalism is; reporting the news with honesty, unbiased, verified by trusted and reliable sources, and that no matter what the people are your top importance; when people need to know where to go to escape a wildfire or where to help a family in need, they can trust in your reporting to provide that important details.

I fortunately had to leave my volunteering work because of the increase in cost of living, especially where I was living was a place that was not me; I don’t drink, do drugs, commit crimes or in a gang because of what I experience and witnessed by abusive bad people.

I learned of a small desert community along the Colorado River called Needles, California with low rent cost, and I decided to move out to Needles, California in December 2008.

When I arrived to Needles, California, the very idea of starting my own independent news service didn’t come up, and just wanted to slowly start my new life in the small desert community along the Colorado River.

But in January 2010, the dream of reporting the news went quickly from an idea to reality; creating on my own with the money in my pocket my own independent news service called ZachNews (Zachary News), and at first I began slowly to report on local news that wasn’t reported in the local newspaper; all via online and using social media platforms such as Twitter, Twitpic, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube which the local and surrounding newspapers weren’t using.

At first I didn’t think that ZachNews would pick up any followers, but I would so learn in the next couple of days, weeks and months as followers began to grow, especially when I was reporting on vegetation fires, residential structure fire and local community events such as Christmas parade and local rodeo, as well as I began to promote some of the local restaurants and businesses that I have visited such as Munchy’s Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Needles, California.

(Just to let you all know, many of my news posts were posted on the website after some social media platforms closed in past years such as Twitpic which some pictures were lost forever, but have recently been removed temporarily to place watermarks on pictures as well as change up the layout of the text. Original plans were to repost those news posts but computer crashes have delayed that process but will continue someday soon.)

But from the very beginning, I got frowned upon and even hated for starting my independent news service using social media platforms because I was in their territory and they didn’t like somebody taking their news stories and promoting of local restaurants and businesses which I was doing for free on like the local newspaper.

Some of the local and surrounding newspaper reporters as well as a sports YouTuber express their dislikes and hatred, saying that my idea dream (ZachNews) was “stupid,” “not real journalism,” “nobody gets their news online” and that “nobody cares about your wannabe news, get a real job.”

I also began to get more dislikes and hatred from members of local community groups and even from officials in the City of Needles, saying that my idea dream (ZachNews) was “stupid,” “not real journalism,” “nobody gets their news online,” and even “nobody cares about Needles.”

Despite the dislikes and haters, I continued with my dream, reporting on ZachNews and after 13 years, ZachNews has reported on a variety of news, breaking news, weather, traffic, sports, local government and community events; including vegetation fires including the Jack Smith Memorial Park Fire and Willow Fire, tragic accidents, the beginning of the marijuana industry from the first medical marijuana dispensary to the first groundbreaking of a medical marijuana industry facility, the multiple medical marijuana dispensary raids locally in February 2014, the closure of the only grocery store (Bashas) in the community as well as closures of other local restaurants and businesses, community parades and fairs, powerful monsoon storms including the powerful microbursts that blew the roof off of the old movie theater and caused a destructive path through the community including closing the popular Route 66 Burger Hut, crimes including shootings and police pursuits, residential and commercial structure fires, elections local and national including a presidential rally in Bullhead City, Arizona in October 2020, water and electric infrastructure incidents and crisis, protesters including the Occupy Walk U.S.A., grand openings in ribbon cuttings of local restaurants, businesses and city facilities, community meetings and town halls including discussing community projects and upcoming agenda actions, snow falling on New Year’s Eve in December 2014, and the City of Needles declaring themselves as a Second Amendment Sanctuary City during the summer of 2019.

Some of these news reports were first reported on ZachNews, and were even reused with credited on major news outlets outside of the Needles, California area; my dream was now a reality and was not only growing a big following of people, but also being credited making ZachNews as credited news source in the community.

But as ZachNews grew, the people that hated ZachNews stated to increase the hate and even putting their professional and moral values aside so to discredit what I started on my own; from slander text to threats, and even physical attacks, ZachNews was now in a war that I never wanted, and even offered my services to help those local and surrounding newspapers to help them grow their newspapers.

During my volunteer work in San Diego, California, I learned that the bad competition vibes promoted in movies is mainly just that; in the movies, and that well there are some who work in the news have some bad competition vibes and try to hurt the competition, the majority of the people working in the news in San Diego, California learned that we are working for the people, not for us to hurt one another; and witnessed photojournalists helping other photojournalists from other stations and reporters helping other reporters when on scene of a breaking news; showed me that there is respect in journalism, and I try to bring that to this small desert community but the piece plant was set on fire by those who hate my independent news service in their news territory.

Despite some people continuing to grow there hatred and slander attacks towards ZachNews, I continued on with my dream of ZachNews; staying focused on what is important, reporting news and community events accurately and without bias for the people.

But the hate and attacks will be taken to a leave thanks to 2 local Karen Bullhead City Bee (a.k.a. The Bee) journalists and filmmakers over their dispute against the City of Needles over a property on Victory Drive in Needles, California in November 2015 (Read the News Post).

  • News Post:


As I stated in the news post, following the posting of this news post, both Andrea Z. Smith and Cat L. Smith have attempted to bribe and have begun making threats toward ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary Lopez to edit out the scenes that “make us look bad in court” in the videos already posted to ZachNews on YouTube and to post on ZachNews an auto recording they did that was done illegally under California law.

The videos the ZachNews recorded and posted on ZachNews on YouTube were raw, unedited and without bias so that all sides involved in the matter would get heard by the people; this including the meeting with Andrea Z. Smith, Cat L. Smith, Needles Code Enforcement Needles Building Official Dan Williams, Needles Animal Control Officer Deanna Johnson and Needles City Manager Rick Daniels as well as their nextdoor neighbor Robert who was also mentioned during the meeting with the City of Needles.

Despite being told that the videos will be posted as is; raw, unedited and unbiased, both Andrea and Cat Smiths demanded that ZachNews edit out scenes which included animal waste on the floor, in the room and in cages the animals were put in, the dark room that other animals were kept in, filthy conditions of the property including inside the buildings the animals were inside, the animals strapped to the building, RV and counter frame inside dirty building; anything that both Andrea and Cat Smiths said would “make them look bad,” and instead edited the videos to “make the City look bad in court” so that the judge would “rule in our favor.”

ZachNews refused to edited the videos to make the news report one-sided and bias, and told both Andrea and Cat Smiths to not harass or threaten me to do what is wrong, bias and not what a real journalists would do; which they claim are award winning journalists.

Furthermore, mentioned during the meeting with the City of Needles, both Andrea and Cat Smiths wanted ZachNews to post an audio recording they recorded that relates to the matter, which Cat Smith emailed to ZachNews the audio recording under the heading “Recording of Dan Williams.”

But ZachNews later found out that this recording they told ZachNews was done in public wasn’t done in public but in private, without consent and without the knowledgement by the parties in the recording which is against the law in California under Penal Code 632 PC.

  • California Penal Code 632 PC:

Despite telling them that ZachNews spoke to law enforcement, lawyers and several media outlets both locally as well as outside the area regarding the recording and the rules on posting such recordings which all to ZachNews is illegal even if you’re a journalist because it wasn’t in public and without the consent of all parties, both Andrea and Cat Smiths demanded ZachNews to post the secretly and illegally recorded audio recording; attempting to bribe and make threats to post the audio recording, and claiming that not posting the audio recording would be “bias.”

Furthermore, all parties in the matter we’re provided copies of the videos for the upcoming court case, and despite receiving the videos and even posting a common thinking ZachNews for the copies of the videos in the comments section of the news post, both Andrea and Cat Smiths have falsely accused ZachNews of not providing video copies that they said were paid for, and even claim that the videos were actually recorded by Cat Smith not ZachNews which is odd as Cat is clearly seen in the videos not behind the camera; and when when mention about the comments posted by Andrea Smith ZachNews for the videos and reporting on the news this matter, the comment by Andrea Smith was removed but ZachNews did took a screenshot of that comment and have that saved.

ZachNews reported on this matter without bias and with all parties involved being able to have their voice heard, and if the 2 journalists wanted somebody to report on the matter with bias, then they should of reported on their matter for their newspaper the Bullhead City Bee and shouldn’t had stopped ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary Lopez well he was walking along West Broadway near L Street in route to a groundbreaking ceremony for the new San Bernardino County Fire Department’s Station 32, and asked ZachNews to report on this matter.

Unfortunately, these 2 spoiled brat adult journalists were so angry that they didn’t get their way that they declared war on ZachNews and my personal life with help from their best friends, including a man who worked at a local pizza delivery, as well as from their news coworkers at the Bullhead City Bee and news friends at the Needles Desert Star, as well as their supporters using lies, gossip, fake police reports, fake news posts; anything that slanders ZachNews and me personally.

From lies that I am an alcoholic, drug addict, and criminal, to discriminating against my disability and being a victim of abuse, and even making fun of me being abused as a child and adult, and even stealing personal information, telling people that I sleep around with officials, that I still money and making thousands of dollars, and that I am gay and a virgin; all either telling people in public they meet and posting on fake Facebook and Twitter news pages anomalously.

Despite complaints and flags by supporters of ZachNews, and Facebook and Twitter preaching at there against people using their social media platforms for bullying, trolling, discriminating, hating, slandering, stealing of other people’s personal information, posting fake news and information, threats and attacks, and against anomalous and fake accounts, both Facebook and Twitter refuse to take care of this matter and even ignored the complaints of the people.

The attacks towards ZachNews and me personally would get even more worse after the 2 journalists lost their court case against the City of Needles; from filing a false police report of a crime against me despite video clearly showing there was no crime committed to acting like victims of a fatal boat crash to spread lies and false arrest to cause drama and distress towards me personally and ZachNews; this isn’t real journalism but Karens out of control and acting like spoiled adult brats because they didn’t get their way from me or in court.

Sadly and as the new normal, the bad people were allowed to continue attacks towards ZachNews and me personally, would people ignoring the cries for help and only sending prayers which never worked; and after many years after the start of the attacks by these Karens journalists and their Karan gang, ZachNews has continue to suffer the aftermath of these attacks to the point that I attempted to kill myself in August 2020 because the bad people involved in the attacks didn’t get how to countable or punish for the attacks; even getting more followers money and awards even with the knowledge of what they did towards ZachNews and me personally showing that awarding bad behaviors and actions are acceptable in the Colorado River Tri-State area.

Over the years, ZachNews seen more attacks in preventing ZachNews from reporting breaking news well being slandered for not covering news that is good that nobody sends in or have the bother to notify.

Censorship and preventing by law enforcement towards ZachNews from reporting on breaking news, as well as past years of hateful, threatening and physical attacks towards ZachNews and me personally just because of reporting on any crimes in the community despite the other local news outlets and social media community crime watch and news pages report all of the crimes but get no harassment, threats, hate or attacks; as well as past years for lies and selective enforcement of laws by some deputies, detective and captain who have stated that certain some laws such as making terrorist threats or filing a false police report of a crime don’t exist in California when those laws do exist and they enforce thoses laws when they want to arrest somebody in the community, but not if they involved people they know or are in a seat of power.

On top of that, ZachNews gets attack for not reporting good news, community events, anything the City of Needles is doing good, and showing thanks towards law enforcement and first responders, despite so much proof in news post videos and live broadcast showing ZachNews has reported on good and have thanks; but the new normal is real, facts, evidence, proof and truth is all lies and fake well gossip, fake news, slander and hate is accepted and rewarded in this community.

As result of all that, on top of very little to no help financially, very little to no contributers towards ZachNews in news tips and notifications about upcoming events, lack of transportation due to financial problems unable to afford a vehicle, lack of better and professional equipment because they are too expensive, increase in censorship and preventing ZachNews from reporting on breaking news on scene, and increase of health problems including several panic attacks and the attempted suicide, I realize that my dream of ZachNews that kept me alive through the darkness is deading, and no matter what I due to prove to everybody that I am not what the Karen’s and even Kevin’s say, people rather believe in the lies,  gossip, hate, discrimination and slander that I just can’t win; I am stupid, evil, fuck up, crazy, bad, worthless, hopeless and should never have been born to be a stabbing bag for people and God.

As result of all that has gone on with ZachNews and behind the scenes in my personal life before and during ZachNews, I cannot keep fighting for what is no longer important to the many people in this area and that life is not important to live if these are the new normal.

As for my life, because of all I have dealt with and witnessed in my life as a child and adult; from the physical mental and sexual abuse of the bad parents and broken system to journalists acting like spoiled adult Karen’s because they couldn’t corrupt ZachNews so they can get their way, I’m at the point that life is worthless, overwhelmed, hopeless and meaningless, and so I have decided that my new goal and dream is to get orchiectomy surgery on myself (don’t want any child to be brought into this bad and evil life) and to end my life; euthanasia or assistant suicide wherever legalized (because life is just worthless, overwhelmed, hopeless and meaningles).

I thank the people who were there in my life and who really supported my dream of ZachNews; I know this will be hard and you may want me to reconsider my decision, but I already have in the past reconsidered to keep ZachNews operating with the promise of accountability and help, but sadly very little and more let downs and with some people not wanting to hold bad people accountable for the attacks and instead want me to just put a fake smile on to move on, I can’t be a fake to hide what is real.

Yes I still hold on to 2% or 4% for different life decision and for impossible becoming possible; including still hoping and wishing that ZachNews can get better and the bad people who attacked me get punished, but until impossible is possible, ZachNews and my life is worthless and dead.

Take care and goodbye.



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