What Happened to Mike the Mouse in Sing 2?

Sing 2, the sequel to the 2016 animated musical comedy Sing, was released in December 2021 and featured many of the original characters, such as Buster Moon, Rosita, Meena, Johnny, Ash, and Gunter.

However, one character was noticeably absent from the film: Mike, the arrogant and greedy mouse voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Mike was a fan favorite in the first film, as he showcased his impressive jazz singing skills and his hilarious antics. But what happened to him and why was he not in Sing 2?

Mike’s Fate in Sing

In Sing, Mike was a hustling street musician who entered Buster’s singing competition, hoping to win the $100,000 prize money.

However, he was unaware that the prize money was actually only $1,000, due to a typo on the flyers. Mike also had a gambling problem and owed money to a group of Russian bear mobsters, whom he cheated in a card game. Mike bought himself a flashy car with the money he won from the bears, thinking that he would be able to pay them back with the prize money.

However, things did not go as planned for Mike. The bears tracked him down to Buster’s theater and demanded their money back. Mike tried to escape in his car, but the bears chased him and eventually caught up with him. Mike managed to sing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” before the bears attacked him. The last time we saw Mike, he was driving away with his car, with a bear hanging on the back.

Fan Theories About Mike’s Absence in Sing 2

Since the film never addressed Mike’s absence in Sing 2, fans have come up with their own theories about what happened to him. Some of the theories are dark and gruesome, while others are more optimistic and hopeful. Here are some of the fan theories that have been circulating online:

  • Mike was killed by the bears. This is the most common and straightforward theory, as it seems likely that the bears would not let Mike get away with his deception. Some fans believe that Mike was eaten by the bears, while others think that he was tortured or mutilated by them.
  • Mike was gang-raped by the bears. This is a more disturbing and graphic theory, which was apparently based on a fake screenshot of a Google search that claimed that director Garth Jennings said that Mike died after being gang-raped by the bears.
  • However, this theory is very unlikely and probably a hoax, as it is hard to imagine that a PG-rated movie would kill off a character in such a horrific way.
  • Mike ran away with his girlfriend. This is a more positive and romantic theory, which suggests that Mike managed to escape from the bears with his car and his girlfriend, Nancy, who was a mouse that he met at a nightclub.
  • Some fans believe that Mike and Nancy went to her home and stayed there until the coast was clear, or that they left the city and started a new life together somewhere else.
  • Mike did not fit into the storyline of Sing 2.
  • This is a more realistic and plausible theory, which explains that Mike was not in Sing 2 because he did not have a role to play in the new plot. Sing 2 focused on a new storyline and introduced many new characters, such as Clay Calloway, Jimmy Crystal, and Bono. It is possible that the filmmakers chose not to include Mike in the sequel in order to keep the story fresh and introduce new animal characters.

Will Mike Return in Sing 3?

While Mike was not in Sing 2, there is still a chance that he could return in a possible third installment of the franchise. In fact, director Garth Jennings reportedly said that he loves Seth MacFarlane’s singing and performance, and that he may bring Mike back if he gets to do another film.

This gives hope to the fans who miss Mike and want to see him again. However, there is no official confirmation that Sing 3 is in the works, so it is still uncertain if Mike will ever make a comeback. Sing 2 is now playing in theaters.

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