Is Tyra Banks Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Tyra Banks is a famous model, entrepreneur, and TV personality who has been in the spotlight for decades. She is also a mother to her son, York, who was born via surrogate in 2016. But is Tyra Banks pregnant again? Here is the truth behind the rumors.

Tyra’s Fertility Struggles

Tyra has been open about her fertility struggles in the past. She revealed that she had tried to conceive for years, but faced several challenges and disappointments. She underwent multiple rounds of IVF, but none of them were successful. She also suffered a miscarriage and had to deal with the emotional and physical toll of the process.

Tyra said that she always wanted to have kids, but she kept postponing it because of her busy career. She also said that she felt pressure from society and her family to have children.

She said: “I remember just thinking, ‘Oh my god, I waited too long, like, why did I do this?’ And I can remember, I was, you know, doing the rounds and stuff and then I create the embryo and I get the phone call, ‘The embryo is not healthy.’ You know, ‘We can’t move forward,’ and just, like, just crazy for me — just really, really difficult.”

Tyra’s Surrogacy Journey

Tyra eventually decided to use a surrogate to have a baby. She said that it was a difficult decision, but she felt that it was the best option for her. She said: “As I gaze into the beautiful eyes of my son, I think about all the people who struggle with fertility or carrying a child and continue to pray for them every day. My hopes and dreams are filled with well wishes that they get to feel what my little treasure, York Banks Asla, feels like in my arms.”

Tyra welcomed her son, York, in January 2016, with her then-boyfriend, Erik Asla, a photographer. She shared the first photo of her son on Instagram, with the caption: “This is the Happiest Valentine’s Day of my life. York, Daddy @erikasla and I send you so much love.”

Tyra’s Current Relationship Status

Tyra and Erik broke up in 2017, after four years of dating. They reportedly remained friends and co-parents to their son. Tyra said that she was not looking for a new relationship at the time, and that she was focused on her son and her career. She said: “I’m not ready to date. I’m not ready to be with anybody. I’m just loving my son and working my butt off.”

However, in 2018, Tyra was spotted with a new man, who was later identified as Louis Bélanger-Martin, a Canadian businessman. The two were seen together on several occasions, such as at a bakery, a movie theater, and a Halloween party. They also reportedly spent Thanksgiving together with Tyra’s family. A source said that Tyra and Louis were “very, very much in love.”

Tyra’s Pregnancy Rumors

Tyra has yet to confirm her relationship with Louis, but the internet has been buzzing with questions about her apparent weight gain and many are wondering if this means that she is pregnant. However, Tyra confirmed in 2018 that she would not be having any more kids after York. She said: “I would love to [have more kids], but I don’t think I want to be 50 years old and changing diapers. I think I’ll just be 50 years old and changing his diaper.”

Tyra also said that she was happy with her body and that she did not care about the critics. She said: “I actually like my body better than I did before, because the curves are a little bit more pronounced. I’m telling women that it’s okay to have a little bit of curve. It’s okay to have a little bit of extra skin. It’s okay to have a little bit of cellulite. It’s okay to have a little bit of jiggle.”


Tyra Banks is not pregnant, as far as we know. She has a son, York, who was born via surrogate in 2016, and she has said that she does not want to have any more kids. She is also rumored to be dating a Canadian businessman, Louis Bélanger-Martin, but she has not confirmed their relationship.

Tyra is a successful and inspiring woman who has overcome many challenges and achieved many goals. She is also a proud and loving mother who does not let the rumors or the haters get to her. She is a role model for many women and girls around the world.

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