Gamestop Guy Net Worth: Keith Gill Man Behind GameStop Frenzy

Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty or DeepFuckingValue, gained fame for his role in the GameStop short squeeze of January 2021. His online posts on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter sparked a massive rally in the video game retailer’s stock, turning his initial investment of $53,000 into nearly $50 million at its peak. But who is Keith Gill, and what drove him to bet on GameStop? Here’s a brief overview of his net worth, lifestyle, achievements, challenges, and conclusion.

Net Worth

As per his testimony before the US House Financial Services Committee on February 18, 2021, Gill held about $13 million worth of GameStop shares at that time¹. However, the stock price fluctuated significantly afterward, reaching highs of $325 on March 10 and lows of $38 on April 18. By October 31, 2023, GameStop was trading at around $200 per share, suggesting Gill’s stake was worth about $50 million, assuming he hadn’t sold any shares. However, this is an estimate and doesn’t include taxes, fees, or other expenses.


Gill resides in Wilmington, Massachusetts, with his wife Caroline and their young child³. He grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts, attended Brockton High School, and excelled as a cross-country and track and field athlete. He later graduated from Stonehill College in 2009 with a business degree and holds several track and field records at the college. In 2016, he was inducted into the college’s Hall of Fame.

His interest in investing began during his teenage years when he learned about the stock market from his father and grandfather. He worked for a family friend at a start-up in New Hampshire, where he developed a software program for analyzing stocks. He also worked for LexShares, a platform for litigation finance, until March 2017. He then joined MassMutual as the director of financial wellness education, assisting clients with retirement planning and other financial goals. He resigned from MassMutual in January 2021 after Reuters revealed his identity as Roaring Kitty.

Gill is recognized for his humorous and enthusiastic online presence, often seen sporting a red headband and a cat T-shirt. He shares videos and livestreams on YouTube, boasting over 400,000 subscribers, and tweets on Twitter, where he has over 300,000 followers. He also engages on Reddit under the username DeepFuckingValue, participating in the r/wallstreetbets community, known for discussing high-risk and speculative trading strategies. He uses these platforms to share his research and opinions on various stocks, particularly GameStop, which he believes is undervalued and has a devoted customer base.


Gill’s most notable achievement is his involvement in the GameStop short squeeze, a major financial event of 2021. A short squeeze occurs when a large number of investors purchase a heavily shorted stock, driving up its price and forcing short sellers to buy back shares to cover their losses, further raising the price.

Gill was among the first and most influential investors to recognize the potential for a short squeeze in GameStop. He began purchasing call options in June 2019 when GameStop was trading at around $5 per share. He expanded his position in the following months and years, consistently sharing his analysis and updates on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter.

He argued that GameStop wasn’t a failing company, as many analysts and short sellers claimed, but rather a resilient and innovative one poised to benefit from the gaming industry’s growth and new console launches. He also highlighted GameStop’s high short interest, making it susceptible to a squeeze.

Gill’s posts garnered a large and loyal following inspired by his conviction and enthusiasm. Many joined him in buying GameStop shares and options, leading to a surge in demand and volume. This caught mainstream media and public attention, resulting in a historic rally that saw GameStop’s stock price surge from around $20 in early January to over $480 on January 28, 2021. This caused significant losses for short sellers, some of whom required bailouts to stay solvent.

Gill’s investment also skyrocketed in value, reaching nearly $50 million at the peak of the squeeze. He became a hero within the r/wallstreetbets community, praised for his courage and skill. He also symbolized the power of retail investors in challenging Wall Street’s dominance. He testified before Congress alongside GameStop’s CEOs, Reddit, Robinhood, and Citadel, defending his actions as based on fundamental analysis and personal conviction, denying any wrongdoing or market manipulation.


Gill’s success and fame also brought challenges and risks. He faced legal and regulatory scrutiny for his involvement in the GameStop saga, accused of violating securities laws and misleading investors. He was sued by a Washington state resident, alleging market manipulation and losses due to GameStop options purchases. The Massachusetts Securities Division investigated him for allegedly failing to disclose his trading activities to MassMutual and executing trades on behalf of others without proper registration. Gill denied the allegations, asserting compliance with rules and acting in good faith.

He also encountered personal and professional challenges, managing the pressure and stress of the spotlight and his fortune. He navigated the stock market’s volatility and uncertainty, deciding whether to hold or sell shares and how to diversify his portfolio. Balancing his investing passion with family and personal life, online and offline identity, and addressing expectations from fans and critics posed additional challenges.


Keith Gill stands as a remarkable and controversial figure in finance and investing. A self-taught investor, he leveraged his knowledge and skills to seize an opportunity, inspiring and mobilizing millions. A rebel and disruptor, he challenged financial system flaws. Despite ongoing legal and regulatory issues, as well as personal and market risks, Gill’s journey continues as he supports GameStop and shares insights on stocks and topics. Whether he maintains or surpasses his success remains to be seen.

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