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Zachary Lopez

ZachNews Owner and Photojournalist

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P.O. Box 3221

Needles, California 92363

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1 (760) 378-8869

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**** Important Notice: Contacting ZachNews: ****

Due to past threats, slanders and attacks towards ZachNews, any threats, slanders and attacks towards anybody of ZachNews via phone, voice message, text messaging, mail, online post or in person will be documented, reported and posted publicly online regardless of who you are or who you work for.

** Important Notice: Submissions to ZachNews: **

Any pictures or videos submitted to ZachNews must include in your message a name to credit the work as well as a contact in case ZachNews needs to get in contact with you. Thank you to everybody who submits pictures and videos to ZachNews. 

** Important Notice: Use of ZachNews and Submitted ZachNews Content: **

Any use of ZachNews’ content including any pictures and videos are welcomed for newsworthy matters with courtesy credit “Zachary Lopez of ZachNews” or “ZachNews.” Any content that was submitted to ZachNews must be credited to the person or group who is motioned in the “Courtesy” in the ZachNews post. If it’s ZachNews or anybody who submitted their work into ZachNews, give credit to those who did the work; not take credit for other people’s work. If you’re a news agency or organization wanting to use ZachNews work and get more information about the content, please contact ZachNews by phone or email. 

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