Baiju Bhatt Net Worth: Co-Founder Of Robinhood

Baiju Bhatt, an American entrepreneur of Indian descent, co-founded Robinhood, an acclaimed online trading platform renowned for its commission-free stock trading. Bhatt’s pivotal role in shaping Robinhood’s vision and design has revolutionized the brokerage industry, attracting a vast user base, particularly among young and novice investors. As of 2021, Bhatt’s net worth is estimated at $2.9 billion, solidifying his status as one of the world’s wealthiest self-made billionaires.

Bajju Bhatt Net Worth

Forbes reports Bhatt’s net worth as $2.9 billion as of October 2021. With an approximate 8% ownership of Robinhood, which went public on the Nasdaq exchange in July 2021 with a valuation of $32 billion, Bhatt achieved billionaire status in 2018 when Robinhood secured $363 million in funding, valuing the company at $5.6 billion. Over the years, Bhatt’s wealth has soared alongside Robinhood’s expansion, driven notably by the platform’s revenue growth.

In 2020, Robinhood garnered $682 million in revenue from payment for order flow, despite the controversy surrounding this practice. The platform’s revenue surged further in the first quarter of 2021 to $522 million, propelled by heightened trading activity during events like the GameStop frenzy.


Bhatt resides in Palo Alto, California, with his wife Adrienne Sussman and their son. He is renowned for his modesty, preferring to evade the limelight and dedicate himself to his work. Additionally, Bhatt is a philanthropist, contributing to various causes encompassing education, healthcare, and social justice. He has extended support to organizations such as, Khan Academy, Doctors Without Borders, and the ACLU. Outside of his professional endeavors, Bhatt enjoys global travel with his family, immersing himself in diverse cultures. He also nurtures a passion for music and art, amassing a collection of guitars and paintings.


Born in 1984 to Indian immigrant parents in Poquoson, Virginia, Bhatt grew up speaking Gujarati at home. He exhibited an early interest in mathematics and science, participating in various competitions and Olympiads during his formative years. Bhatt’s educational journey led him to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, where he excelled both academically and socially.


Bhatt pursued higher education at Stanford University, where he crossed paths with his future co-founder, Vlad Tenev. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in mathematics from Stanford. While initially enrolled in a Ph.D. program in physics, Bhatt abandoned it after two years to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions alongside Tenev. The duo relocated to New York, gaining valuable experience in trading and technology while working for financial institutions. They also developed Chronos, a software facilitating high-frequency trades for hedge funds.


Bhatt’s crowning achievement lies in co-founding Robinhood, which has emerged as a pioneering force in the fintech landscape. Robinhood’s mission to democratize finance has resonated globally, boasting over 22 million users who have collectively saved over $1 billion in commissions

. The platform has introduced innovative features like fractional shares, cryptocurrency trading, cash management, and IPO access, catering to diverse customer needs. Robinhood’s accolades include the Apple Design Award, the Google Play Award, the Fast Company Innovation by Design Award, and recognition on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 list.

Bhatt himself has garnered acclaim for his leadership and vision. He was featured on Time’s 100 list of the most influential people globally in 2019, lauded by Ashton Kutcher for creating “a platform that allows the next generation to begin building wealth in an environment that leads with kindness, simplicity, and humility.” Additionally, Bhatt was named among Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of influential young business leaders in 2016 and 2018.


Bhatt navigated numerous hurdles and setbacks on his entrepreneurial journey. Before launching Robinhood, he and Tenev encountered several rejections and failures, including ventures like Celeris, a failed social media platform for finance, and Bhatt-Tenev Technologies, a trading platform for banks that failed to gain traction. The duo ultimately conceived Robinhood, capitalizing on the substantial market potential and the industry’s lack of innovation.

Despite Robinhood’s success, Bhatt has grappled with controversies and criticisms. In December 2020, Robinhood agreed to a $65 million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission over charges of deceiving customers about its revenue source and failing to ensure optimal trade execution. The platform also faced backlash in February 2021 for restricting trading of certain stocks amid the GameStop frenzy, sparking allegations of market manipulation.


Baiju Bhatt stands as a formidable entrepreneur, co-architect of one of fintech’s most disruptive and triumphant ventures. Leveraging his passion for math, physics, and technology, he spearheaded a platform empowering millions to pursue their financial aspirations. Despite encountering adversity, Bhatt’s resilience and capacity to learn from setbacks serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators striving to effect positive change

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