About ZachNews:

** About ZachNews **

On Thursday, January 21st, 2010, a local resident name Zachary Lopez started his own independent news service called ZachNews in the small desert community of Needles, California that would not only provide the people another source for news and events, but also use social media and video sharing sites to report the news and share what this community has to offer.

Well the idea of using social media and video sharing sites to report news and events was frowned upon and even hated, Zachary continued on with his plans of starting his ZachNews independent news service.

ZachNews began to report on local news as well as breaking news from fires, storms and crashes to local government issues and other newsworthy reports; as well as began reporting on local events from parades to fairs and promoted the many great businesses and restaurants the community has to offer.

Over the next few years, ZachNews began to gain a large following of great people, not only from within Needles, California, but also outside of the community and beyond.

Major news outlets, including Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and beyond, began to use and credited ZachNews on news reports, including crediting pictures, videos and live broadcasts by ZachNews in their news reports, growing more trust in ZachNews by more people and by major news outlets as a credited independent news service.

Over 13 years later, ZachNews continues to bring the people the news and events; standing strong on his honesty, morals, ethics, dedication and integrity, and not for the fame, money, perks, freebies, and awards.

Well some local news organizations call themselves “original,” it was ZachNews who actually started locally the idea of reporting on local news and events via social media before others locally did; ZachNews is the Real Original, Local and Independent News Service for the People.

Thanks to all of the wonderful fans who follow and supported ZachNews through the many years, earning your love, support and trust in reporting news and events for the people.

Zachary Lopez

ZachNews Owner and Photojournalist


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