Bullhead City, AZ: Please donate and wear orange on Thursdays in support of first grader student Zachery Farley from Mohave Accelerated Learning Center as he battles leukemia.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)

Source: Make Bullhead Better President Grace Hecht (Information)

Pictures: Make Bullhead Better President Grace Hecht (Courtesy)

Bullhead City, Arizona: Zachery Farley just lost his first tooth, he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, he is a first grader at Mohave Accelerated Learning Center and he was just diagnosed with leukemia.

He has been at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas for the last 10 days and will be there potentially for 19 more to complete his treatment. His mother and father have lived in Bullhead for over 20 years and are both full-time employees at Walmart.

Unfortunately with the start of the new year, they have no paid time off and have both had to take a month of unpaid leave to be with Zachery.

Neither can work even though his mom Heather stays with him around the clock because Zachery’s white blood cell count is so low during treatment his dad can’t risk getting infected with anything that he may inadvertently expose Zachery too.

The new year also means that their $13,000 deductible starts at zero and the insurance won’t cover anything until that amount is paid in full. On top of that their mortgage, car payment, gas to and from the hospital, food, and utilities are all expenses that need to be paid.

The doctors say that Zachery is doing really well. He is sad he is losing his hair. His mom and dad are staying there in the room with him and are sharing a chair that folds out into a makeshift cot, they are both emotionally and physically exhausted.

“You feel so alone, it’s like the world is closing in on you. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride. However, it’s amazing to know there are people out there rooting for him that we don’t even know. The love and support we have received is amazing,” said Heather as the machines connected to Zachery beep in the background.

MALC is having a fundraiser for Zachery by inviting all the students and teachers to bring $1 and wear orange on Thursday (Orange is for Leukemia Awareness).

What if Bullhead City and the surrounding areas got behind this family and everyone in our whole community wore orange on Thursdays until Zachery comes home. Donating $1 or more.

When everyone gives a little it adds up to a lot. Included with this press release is a coloring sheet where the white ribbon will be colored orange by MALC students and then given to any local businesses that would like to display it to show their support of “Team Zachery” and donate to his family during this difficult time.

If your business or school would like to get a flyer for your office you can request one to be delivered or you can print this one and color the ribbon orange.

*** Send cards/checks to: ***

Summerlin Hospital
Attn: Zachery Farley Room # 639
657 N Town Center Dr,
Las Vegas, NV 89144

Make Bullhead Better will be posting updates from Zachery’s mom Heather so please check for updates at: https://www.makebullheadbetter.com/ and click “Column.”

ZachNews and the Colorado River Tristate communities send out support for Zachery as he battles leukemia, and hope the Colorado River Tristate communities come together and helps.


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