ZachNews Message: Goodbye Year 2022!! Hello Year 2023!!

Hello ZachNews Family.

As we say goodbye to the year 2022 and enter into the New Year 2023, I hope you are all safe, healthy, being responsible and having fun.

Please remember to enjoy all of your New Year’s Eve and New Year 2023 celebrations safely and responsibly when drinking; no drinking and driving.

I want to thank everybody who supported ZachNews over the many years, especially during the last 2 months of the year 2022 including being hospitalized for blood clots in the head and lung.

I continue to heal but that will take hopefully a few months, but the love, care and support you all posted in the comments kept me wanting to get better and I very much appreciate you all.

While I take care of my health, ZachNews will be limiting operations temporary until I am fully better; I just got to ride the scary roller coaster to the end where we all celebrate that we survived the scary roller coaster ride.

I thank everybody who helped me get better, from the doctors who were dedicated to making sure what needed to be done to get me better, to all of the nurses and hospital crews especially at Colorado River Medical Center in Needles, California and Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Spring Valley, Nevada; thanks to the pilot and flight crew of Classic Air Medical in Fort Mohave, Arizona for medically transporting me in their helicopter; thanks to the Lyft driver Ali who drove me from the hospital to my place, he was friendly and was great driver; thanks to Lorie and Margaret for their help operating ZachNews when I was hospitalized, held down ZachNews Command great; thanks also to Lorie, Margaret and Cody for helping to get to pick up my medication, really appreciate the ride to the pharmacy; thanks to the Rite Aid pharmacy crew for making sure my medication is there and providing me information about each of the medications that I have been prescribed to take; and thanks to the emergency responders who responded to a recent emergency I had inside my place, including the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District Station 32 and Baker Emergency Medical Services who continue to help save lives; and thanks to all of the ZachNews supporters who kept me fighting to get better; thanks everybody.

As always a d each year, may we continue to thank all the wonderful people who care, love and support people when all hope is lost.

May we continue to thank to all of our emergency responders who are there protecting us from evil people and saving lives.

May we continue to send our thoughts and prayers and condolences to families and friends who lost their loved ones this year, especially serving in the military, protecting the streets and serving the people in their communities.

May we continue to thank all of our brave people who are currently serving or were serving in our military; protecting our freedoms and protecting us all from evil people.

Thanks everybody, take care, peace, love, fist pump, hugs, kisses and have a happy, safe, healthy and responsible into the New Year 2023.

Zachary Lopez
Owner and Photojournalist
Saturday, December 31st, 2022


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