Downtown Needles, CA: Needles Holiday Fun Fair and Lighted Parade 2022 last Saturday had great turnout by people, and lighted parade winners announced.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)

Sources: Needles Youth Development and Education Foundation, the Needles Community Partners, the City of Needles and Lighted Parade Chairman Melody Jones (Information)

Downtown Needles, California: The Needles Youth Development and Education Foundation, the Needles Community Partners and the City of Needles held their Needles Holiday Fun Fair and Lighted Parade on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary Lopez brought broadcast live during the event thanks to the great people at Route 66 Pizza.

People were greeted with many vendors selling homemade art and crafts closing blankets toys and more, as well as music entertaining the crowds throughout the day.

During the event, the Palo Verde College Needles Center held a Festival of Trees on Route 66, and later the Needles Recreation Center held their 12th Annual Route 66 Pee Wee Derby along West Broadway.

– News Post: Palo Verde College Needles Center’s Festival of Trees on Route 66:

– News Post: Needles Recreation Center’s 12th Annual Route 66 Pee Wee Derby:

During the after, Dance Trax 51 performed to the crowd of people, dancing to several Christmas and Holiday musics just before the kickoff of the Lighted Parade.

Crowds of people began to get their seats and treats all prepared for the lighted parade; many people coming into the Route 66 Pizza ordering up the different delicious appetizers, wings, sandwiches and pizzas.

The lighted parade was scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time but was pushed until 5:00 p.m. PT as a tree lighting ceremony was going to be held near the intersection of West Broadway and G Street.

Because of no prior notifications or communications about a tree lighting ceremony from the organizers, ZachNews were not able to broadcast live or record the tree lighting ceremony.

As the Lighted Parade begin along West Broadway, ZachNews began broadcasting live on Facebook and posted later on YouTube the Lighted Parade 2022.

The lighted parade kicked off along West Broadway with a performance by the Needles High School Marching Band followed by the Lighted Parade’s Grand Marshal Janet Jernigan.

Afterwards, decorated and lighted vehicles and floats from various participants drove along West Broadway, including Dance Trax 51 with all of their performers, Fort Mojave Indian Tribe with their band performing, River Valley Air Conditioning, City of Needles Utility Crew with their bucket truck, and Set Free Church of Needles with their float and motorcycles as well as a visit from Walter, an orphaned burro who’s the Mayor of Oatman, Arizona.

But the biggest excitement came from the float vehicle and float entry from Marvin’s Mary J who got the kids and their cheering as toys and gifts were giving out in the crowd as well as different various characters greeted the kids, including Spider-Man, Buzz Lightyear and Chester Cheetos.

Each year, Cheryl Luvell and her crew get out toys and various gifts during the lighted parade as well as other various events brightening the holidays in the community.

Keeping the community safe, especially during the holidays, our local emergency responders came out to the cheering crowd of people with their vehicles lighted up, including San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Colorado River Station, Fort Mohave Tribal Police Department, San Bernardino County Fire Protection District’s Station 32 and Baker Emergency Medical Services.

Mr. and Mrs. Clause waved at all of the people that lined along West Broadway, and wished everybody a Merry Christmas.

After the Lighted Parade, the winners were announced for each of the categories, including Best Band, Best Float, Best Walking Participant, Best Lighted and Best Route 66 Theme.

In a message to ZachNews, Lighted Parade Chairman Melody Jones confirms the Lighted Parade winners.

*** Winners of the Lighted Parade: ***

– Best Band: Fort Mojave Tribal Band

– Best Float: Fort Mojave Tribal Police Department

– Best Walking Participant: Walter the Orphaned Donkey

– Best Lighted: Cheryl Luell

– Best Route 66 Theme: Needles Chamber of Commerce

“I am just grateful for all the Participants. This is not an easy event to organize, but the results are always wonderful for our community,” said Lighted Parade Chairman Melody Jones.

Overall many of the people that attended the event enjoyed all the shopping, entertainment, lighted parade and even the local Route 66 Pizza had a large turnout selling out all their pizzas.

Thanks to all of the people attended the event, and all of the people who participated and organized the Needles Holiday Fun Fair and Lighted Parade 2022.

A special thanks to the owner, staff and crew at Route 66 Pizza ( Website: ) for their service and help in bring live event coverage of the event.

And as always special thanks to our supporting internet provider Z-Fiber Wi-Fi ( Website: ) for continuing for providing fast and reliable internet service over the last year, especially uploading downloading a videos and pictures from ZachNews as well as online entertainment without worrying about buffering; thanks great Z-Fiber Wi-Fi staff and crew.

ZachNews hopes everybody has a healthy, safe, fun and joyful holidays, including Happy Hanukkah 2022, Merry Christmas 2022 and Happy Kwanzaa 2022 and Happy New Year 2023.


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