Downtown Needles, CA: Come to the 46th Annual Fort Mojave Indian Days Parade being held during the morning today.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Source: Fort Mojave Indian Tribe (Information):

Downtown Needles, California: The 46th Annual Fort Mojave Indian Days Parade will be held starting at 10:00 a.m. PT on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022.

From marching bands, bird singers and dancers to decorated vehicles and floats will all be coming along West Broadway from I Street to D Street.

There will be candy being passed or tossed out to the crowds so make sure to bring a big bag, but please make sure to be careful picking up the candy along the roadway of the parade.

Each year the parade is very well-attended so arrive early to get great parking and spot along the parade route, and please make sure to dress for the heat; make sure you have good shading, hat, sunscreen and cold refreshments.

Motorist entering the Downtown Needles, California area prior to and during the parade should expect traffic as roads along the parade route will be closed starting after 9:30 a.m. PT.

*** Road Closures: ***

Expect the following roads to be closed before and during the parade:

– Front Street from K Street to H Street, and from D Street to A Street

– I Street from Front Street to West Broadway

– West Broadway from I Street to D Street

– D Street from West Broadway to Front Street

*** Detours: ***

The following is a detour to go around the parade road closures:

If you’re coming from the east:

– Westbound West Broadway to southbound D Street to westbound Third Street to northbound J Street to westbound West Broadway.

– Westbound Interstate 40 can be across from East Broadway just south of the Needles Towne Center.

If you’re coming from the west:

– Eastbound West Broadway to southbound J Street to eastbound Third Street to northbound D Street to eastbound West Broadway.

– Eastbound Interstate 40 can be access from J Street just south of Third Street

Motorist traveling through the area of the parade should drive with caution as there will be pedestrians crossing along the roads coming to the parade.

Due to funding and equipment problems, ZachNews is not sure if the parade will be broadcast live at ZachNews on Facebook, but keep monitoring in case ZachNews is able to broadcast live the parade coverage.

ZachNews is working on back up options to report on the parade, include recording the parade to later post at ZachNews on YouTube and Facebook.

Picture: Fort Mojave Indian Tribe (Courtesy):

Don’t forget after the parade the celebration continues with activities and entertainment being held at 500 Merriman Avenue, includes bird singings and dances, trophy presentation for parade winners, frybread eating contest, and tournaments for youth male shinny, wahoo, golf, tug-o-war, horseshoes and peon as well as venders and food booths.

The celebration is free and opened to the public.

Come and have fun well also learning and celebrating the history, customs and traditions of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe.

For more information, please contact the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe’s Public Relations Office either by calling at: 1(760) 629-1900 or by email at:

For vendor information, please contact Sam Evanston either by calling at: 1(760) 629-1900 or by email at:

You can also find more information about the 46th Annual Fort Mojave Indian Days celebration and parade on their Facebook page at:

Come and learn about the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe during the 46th Annual Fort Mojave Indian Days celebration and parade.


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