Breaking News: Needles, CA: Severe thunderstorm with blowing dust leaves some damages and knocked off power to community.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)

Source: National Weather Service in Las Vegas, Nevada (Information)

Needles, California: A severe thunderstorm with blowing dust left some damages and knocked off power to community.

The severe thunderstorm arrived to the area at around 7:20 p.m. PT on Sunday, September 4th, 2022.

Video: ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary Lopez

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary Lopez just came back from the store when he heard the winds outside and began recording.

During his recording, he captured roaring sounds as the dusty winds flew by a residential structure previously damaged in a microburst, blowing debris including a trash can that flew across the sky.

Reports of power lines being down along Coronado Street near Rio Vista, a tree knock down and batting cage damaged at Nikki Bunch-Franz Flowers Park, some kind of small storage structure and tree blown down along Bailey Avenue north of J Street, a brick wall knocked over along DeSoto Street near Parkway Street, power pole along the City of Needles’ Inner Tie Powerline was blown over along River Road just east of Marina Drive, and a tree knock down next to the Needles Aquatic Center; so far these are the least damages found.

Power also went out to everything to the west of Bailey Avenue, near Needles High School and on the north side of the railroad tracks near the golf course area.

National Weather Service in Las Vegas, Nevada tells ZachNews that this was a severe thunderstorm that blew through your community, and are viewing pictures and videos from the area.

Just before 10:00 p.m. PT, power was restored as crews from the City of Needles continue to pick up any debris throughout the area.

Despite Zachary Lopez announcing last month that after 13 years he’s planning to shut down ZachNews (Read Why?: ), Zachary was concerned of the weather conditions outside, especially when he heard screaming and roaring wind sounds, and decided to begin recording well he checked around the neighborhood to make sure everybody was all right.

At this moment, no reports of anybody being injured related to the severe thunderstorm, that is subject to change as more information becomes available.

ZachNews plans to post more videos of what was found after the severe thunderstorm in Needles, California overnight onto Facebook.


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