News Alert: Mohave County, AZ: Emergency and county officials providing countywide residents impacted by storms important information and how to receive assistance.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)

Source: Mohave County Emergency Management and Mohave County (Information)

Pucture: Mohave County Emergency Management and Mohave County (Courtesy)

Mohave County, Arizona: Emergency and county officials are providing countywide residents who’ve been impacted by storms with important information and how to receive assistance.

Public safety officials are encouraging county residents to continue to monitor monsoon weather developments and National Weather Service wamings and be prepared for potentially life-threatening situations.

Residents across Mohave County, Arizona should not attempt to cross any washes or other areas with running water and stay inside during storms, and those living adjacent to washes should constantly monitor miff flow conditions that could threaten their homes.

Residents in Golden Valley, Arizona or other county areas can contact the numbers listed below to report damages or seek assistance.

Mohave County Public Works is making extensive efforts to return County maintained roads to passable condition as soon as possible, and the Mohave County Flood Control District is conducting visits to residences with reported property impacts.

Mohave County Emergency Management is compiling information on storm damages to homes and businesses.

On Wednesday, the American Red Cross personnel visited several homes in Golden Valley, Arizona that had received floodwater damage to assess the need for family assistance.

Mohave County is supplying additional sandbags and sand to the Golden Valley Fire Department for pick up by residents with inmates from the County Adult Detention Center and the State Prison filling sandbags.

To report County Road Issus, call county Public Works: 928-757-0905.

To report floodwater impacts to private or business property based on adverse changes to washes by adjacent property owners, call the county’s Flood Control District: 928-757-0925,

To report floodwater or other storm damage to residences or businesses, and situations where homes are at risk from potentially high floodwater flows, call the county’s Risk and Emergency Management: 928-753-0739.

For family assistance needs, call the American Red Cross: 800-842-7349.

For public health or septic tank concems, call the county’s Public Health Environmental Health Division: 928-757-0901

For the Golden Valley Fire Department: 928-565-3479.

Questions on other issues can be directed to Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Browning at or Risk and Emergency Management Director Byron Steward at

Thanks to everybody who are providing emergency services to the communities, and thanks to everybody who are helping to safe lives during the storms and clean up the aftermath from the storms.


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