Barstow, CA: Barstow Police Department arrested 14 people last Thursday afternoon for illegal cultivation of marijuana inside an industrial building off the 2900 block of Lenwood Road.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)

Source: Barstow Police Department (Information)

Picture: Barstow Police Department (Courtesy)

Barstow, California: The Barstow Police Department arrested 14 people om Thursday, July 7th, 2022 for illegal cultivation of marijuana inside an industrial building off the 2900 block of Lenwood Road.

According to the Barstow Police Department, a City of Barstow building inspector requested assistance from the Barstow Police Department regarding a possible Marijuana cultivation operation located in an industrial building in the 2900 block of Lenwood Road.

At approximately 3:10 PM, Detectives Andrew Hollister and Jose Sanchez were accompanied by officers and dispatched to the location to assist the building inspector; upon their arrival people could be heard inside the building as the officers knocked and announced their presence multiple times with no one from inside the building responding.

Detective Hollister and the officers on scene could smell a strong odor of Marijuana emitting from the building from as much as 100 feet away indicating a strong reasonable suspicion that a large quantity of Marijuana or Marijuana plants were at the location.

As officers continued their announcements from a patrol unit’s PA system, there was still no response from the occupants inside.

Detective Hollister authored a search warrant for the location, and once the search warrant was approved both detectives and officers entered the location.

Police Officers found ten (10) individual cultivation rooms with Marijuana plants in various stages of developmental growth for a total of 15,047 Marijuana plants at the location.

Officers also detained fourteen (14) people who were working inside the building and could determine that based on the extent of the grow at this location, that the operation had been in existence for months.

All fourteen suspects were booked for H&S 11358(c) – Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana.

Detectives identified the business as Woolsey Farms and further investigation revealed that this location had applied for a cultivation permit with the City of Barstow, but the application had failed to meet all the requirements of the city ordinance and was ultimately rejected on this date.

“The City of Barstow enacted a Cannabis Ordinance last year that mandates operators of dispensaries, cultivation sites and other forms of approved cannabis operations be licensed through the State and City,” stated Barstow Police Captain Chris Kirby.

The entire facility was photographed, each plant counted, and a sample from each room collected as evidence, then all plants were loaded onto City trucks and transported to the Barstow landfill where a total weight of 8,980 pounds of Marijuana was disposed.

“We will enforce the City’s ordinance to prevent illegal operations throughout our jurisdiction not only to safeguard our community against illegal drug activity, but to send a message to those applicants who are abiding by the legal process that we appreciate your efforts as you endeavor to do things the right way!” stated Barstow Police Chief Andrew Espinoza.

Anyone with further information may contact Detective Andrew Hollister at (760) 255-5160 or by email at

Those wishing to remain anonymous may also provide information by calling the WE-TIP hotline at 1-800-79-CRIME (27469) or by going to

Great work to the Barstow Police Department.


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