Needles, CA: Should the City of Needles put an ordinance to abolish going back to Standard Time?

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)

Sources: City of Needles, National Conference of State Legislatures and (Information)

Needles, California: A public appearance was held during the regular meeting of the Needles City Council (N.C.C.) and Needles Public Utility Authority (N.P.U.A.) on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

During Public Appearance, local resident and owner of Route 66 Broadband Timothy Terral spoke about time change and why hasn’t California do away with seasonal time changes from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time after voters passed a ballot measure a few years ago.

The United States officially adopted Daylight Saving Time as part of the Uniform Time Act of 1966, but before that, states could come up with their own versions of the practice.

The Uniform Time Act brought much-needed order to the country’s clocks, but the new law didn’t require all states to comply, and so Hawaii and Arizona eventually opted out.

In 1967, Hawaii abandoned the Uniform Time Act, and in 1968 Arizona followed suit in 1968, but the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona does observe daylight saving time so it can have a uniform time with parts of Navajo territory in Utah and New Mexico.

In 2018, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 7 signaling that they were ready to do away with seasonal time changes, but years later that policy has gotten gummed up in the workings of California’s government, and still no sign that California won’t have to “fall back” to standard time in November 2022 again.

Proposition 7, which passed with 7,167,315 (59.75%) voting “Yes” and 4,828,564 (40.25%) voting “No,” only gave lawmakers in California permission to commit to a daylight saving or standard time schedule year round, which is different from compelling them to, and so far lawmakers in California haven’t come together yet to iron out the details.

In order to make that change, such a proposal first needs to pass through the state legislature in California by a two-thirds vote, then after lawmakers in California would need to agree on either daylight saving time or standard time, and push through a measure to stick with it permanently.

If they do that, lawmakers in California may still need approval from the federal government, and under current United States law, it doesn’t allow states to commit to daylight saving time year round, it only permits switching to standard full-time.

Because of this, the United States Congress would have to change that policy for California to go that direction they decided on.

Timothy Terral suggested to members of the Needles City Council for the City of Needles put on the agenda to discuss rather or not as a city to do an ordinance to abolish going back to Standard Time.

State lawmakers in California have tried and failed to pass measures that at least get the ball rolling.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, California isn’t alone in its time-change futility, and since 2015, at least 350 bills and resolutions regarding daylight saving have been introduced in nearly every state.

Hawaii, Arizona and a few United States territories of Puerto Rico and the Northern Marina Islands, the United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Guam refrain from observing daylight saving time.

So do you think that the City of Needles in Needles, California should put an ordinance to abolish going back to Standard Time?


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