News Alert: Mohave Valley, AZ: Mohave Valley Fire Department announces Burn Ban is in effect.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)

Source: Mohave Valley Fire Department (Information)

Picture: Mohave Valley Fire Department (Courtesy)

Mohave Valley, Arizona: The Mohave Valley Fire Department has announced on Monday, June 13th, 2022 that a Burn Ban is in effect.

According to the Mohave Valley Fire Department, this means no controlled burning and no warming fires.

Fireworks and exploding targets are never allowed on federal and state lands.

Target shooting is prohibited year-round on state lands.

People who violate these restrictions is punishable by fine, imprisonment or both.

Violators may also be held personally responsible for reimbursement of fire suppression costs.

The Mohave Valley Fire Department minds the public that cigarettes should never be thrown out the window of a vehicle and never park a vehicle over dead grass as the catalytic converter can ignite the vegetation.

Also, Mohave Valley Fire Department minds the public to practice safe towing by using appropriate safety pins and hitch ball to secure chains; never drag chains driving.

With fires occurring including in Arizona and California, the public should always have a plan ready in case of a fire; make sure you have proper spacing around your property especially in forced and very thick vegetation areas; have an emergency evacuation plan to escape the dangerous situation and where to flee to safety; and emergency preparedness kits with all your important paperwork inside nearby in an area you can quickly to evacuate if need to.

Be smart and responsible for yourself and your community; and many thanks to all of our firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement, emergency personnel and emergency volunteers who respond to the dangerous situations like fires that occur in our communities.


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