Breaking News: Needles, CA: River Valley Inn has been ordered closed due to health and safety concerns.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)

Source: Needles City Manager Rick Daniels (Information)

Needles, California: The River Valley Inn has been ordered closed due to health and safety concerns.

Red tags, yellow tags and warning notification were reportedly posted on Wednesday, May 18th, 2023 on the doors all around the motel located at 1707 Needles Highway.

ZachNews was on scene on Friday, May 20th, 2022 as officials as well as code enforcement and utility crews from the City of Needles as well as deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Colorado River Station were on the motel property.

ZachNews has just received an email from Needles City Manager Rick Daniels regarding the River Valley Inn, which states the following:

“The River Valley Inn at 1707 Needles Highway was the site of a multi-agency inspection task force action on Wednesday May 18, consisting of the following agencies;

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office – Colorado River Station

San Bernardino County Environmental Health Department

Needles Building and Safety Department,

Needles Code Enforcement Department,

Needles Public Utility Authority, and

Needles Building & Safety

The effort was assisted by the San Bernardino County Adult Protective Services who helped relocate the elderly and disabled occupants. Below are the violations encountered:

– Building and Safety: Numerous electrical violations, nearly all of the rooms lacked smoke detectors and the fire alarms were not working, significant plumbing problems, drainage of wastewater onto the public area, minor structural issues, electrical panels exposed to public, laundry room discharging “gray water” onto the public area, improperly installed water heater, no venting for dryers, and most rooms are uninhabitable,

– Wastewater: Evidence of feces being poured out of motel room window with feces stain on the exterior walls, Office sink draining out onto the public area with evidence of long-term occurrence.

– Animal Control: Complaints of 7-9 dogs running loose, some with no licenses or proof of rabies.

– Code Enforcement: Bathtub with blackwater due to bad plumbing, one tenant with severe leg tissue infection, tenants afraid to leave for fear of being locked out, small children in room without adequate exits, overcrowded conditions, hot plates plugged into bathroom outlets.

– Environmental Health: “Worst case of bed bugs ever seen” , cockroach waste dripping down the wall, drainage from kitchen in main office onto the public area, feces remaining in pit dug as a result of sewer back up, water damage to walls from long term plumbing leaks, swimming pool is filled with green water, Large gaps in the swimming pool fencing which allows unattended entrance by children, sink filled blackwater due to poor plumbing, no pest control provided. mattresses wrapped in shrink wrap, visible vermin problems,

– Adult Protective Services: 26 units total, all occupants indicated that they have a place to go. 8 were assisted by Adult Protective Services, 8 needed help from owner.

The Sheriff’s Office reports fifty-three 911 calls to this property since January 2022. Late Wednesday afternoon Code Enforcement and the Building and Safety Department posted all rooms as “unfit for human occupancy” effective at 5:00PM on Friday due to the collective violations noted above. Today, Friday May 20 with the assistance of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, City Code Enforcement Officers cleared all rooms of occupants beginning at 5:00PM. The County Environmental Health Department will be issuing their Notice of Violation later this week.”

This is the latest motel to close since another motel, The Best Motel, was ordered closed in June 2021 after being deemed unfit for human habitation.


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