Needles, CA: ZachNews celebrates 12 years of news service reporting in the community for the people.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Needles, California: ZachNews is celebrating 12 years of news service reporting in the community for the people.

ZachNews began independently and self funded by local resident Zachary Lopez back on January 21st 2010, and as of Friday, January 21st 2022 marks 12 years.

Over the 12 years, ZachNews reported on local news, breaking news, community events and local meetings online as well as on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TwitPics and YouTube before other local news outlets began doing at that time.

Some of the breaking news and local news stories ZachNews reported over the last 12 years, including large vegetation fires such as the large vegetation fire called the Willow Fire in Mohave Valley, Arizona which started on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 and a large vegetation fire that occurred near the Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada on Friday, September 11th 2020; powerful microbursts such as the powerful microburst that occurred in September 2012 damaging the old movie theater and another powerful microburst that occurred on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 causing lots of damage in the community including damaging the roof of the popular Route 66 Burger Hut which has since been closed after the disaster; and major business closures that had an effect on the whole community such as the closure of the only grocery store in town called Bashas back on Friday, May 9th, 2014, the closure of the only bank branch called Bank of America on Friday, January 25th, 2013. and the closure of the 99 Cents Only Store came in a few months after Bashes closed on Friday, January 26th, 2018.

A reminder, as ZachNews first reported in late December 2021, a new grocery store called The Market as well as an Ace Hardware is coming to the Needles Towne Center in Needles, California, but there’s no exact date officially announced yet but Needles City Manager Rick Daniels said The Market and Ace Hardware hopes of starting work in March 2022.

Some of the local sports and events stories ZachNews reported over the last 12 years included high school football games, rodeos, parades, groundbreaking and ribbon cuttings, ceremonies and fairs.

Zachary Lopez of ZachNews said his reporting brought people enjoying what our community has in supporting their local school teams and what the community has to offer as in events; putting the community on the map.

Zachary Lopez also said there’s a lot of great talent and creativity people in the community has in their art work and food when they present their talent and food at local events.

Over the years, ZachNews reported on news stories that involved people walking across country to raise money to help people, even if ZachNews reported on their walking journey well walking along side; such as in July 2021 when ZachNews reported first on Bearsun arrival into Needles, California and Colorado River Tri-State communities.

ZachNews was there reporting on people coming together to remember lives lost and to help people in need in their community, from remembering the lives lost on 9-11 during an early morning local remembrance service to donation drive to help people who lost everything in the Willow Fire in Mohave Valley, Arizona, just to name a few.

Zachary Lopez said his reporting captured the community coming together to show their love and support for people who are in need, from helping their neighbors during a fire, donating clothes, blankets and other items to residents who lost everything in the Willow Fire, and giving money and food to help people who are sick, hurt or in need of food; capturing those moments help show everybody that there’s still good people out there even when the foggy bad and evil try to cover and block them out.

Over the years, ZachNews reported first on several local news stories that later became national news attention, this includes the rise of marijuana retail and industries in the community and local officials declaring their community a “Second Amendment Sanctuary City” just to name a few.

Zachary thanks the great mentors over the years in San Diego, California when I was volunteering at local news stations learning hands on what being a photojournalist, as well as holding strong as much as possible to the love and support of the people in the community and beyond the Colorado River Tri-State area for they trust, rely and respect the work Zachary Lopez does as ZachNews.

“I thank all of the many great supporters for making ZachNews their trusted news source, and I hope to keep on reporting on real news and events for the real people of the wonderful communities along the Colorado River and beyond, day by day for now,” said Zachary Lopez.


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