ZachNews Message: Goodbye 2021! Hello 2022!

Hello to all my great ZachNews supporters.

As we say goodbye 2021 and enter into the New Year 2022, may we all make sure that we all enjoy the kick off of 2022 right.

May we come together as a family to enjoy a wonderful feast and socializing with each other like a family.

May we always be thankful for having wonderful people who care, love and support you when all hope is lost.

May we always be thankful to all of our emergency responders who are there protecting us from evil people and saving lives.

May we always be thankful to all of our brave people who are currently serving or were serving in our military; protecting our freedoms and protecting us all from evil people.

Please remember to enjoy all of your New Year’s Eve and New Year 2022 celebrations safely and responsibly by not drinking and driving.

ZachNews would like to say thanks to our fans and supporters over the last 11 years going into 12 years in 2022.

ZachNews sadly suffered a lot in 2021 that had an affect on our reporting for the people real news from our great community.

As we enter into the New Year 2022, there will be changes made to ZachNews that will shake things up.

To the many great fans and supporters, please keep supporting the real independent news that is supported by a wonderful community.

Well ZachNews is taking things day by day, I am still around even after many years of slander, pain, hate and attacks.

No matter what the future holds for ZachNews, I will always appreciate and thank you all wonderful fans of supporters that keep wanting ZachNews to never give up and close down.

Thank you all, take care, peace, love, fist pump, hugs, kisses and have a happy, safe, healthy and responsible into the New Year 2022.

Zachary Lopez


Friday, December 31st, 2021


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