Message from Zachary Lopez regarding ZachNews.

The following video is a message from Zachary Lopez regarding ZachNews.

In this video recorded early in the morning on Sunday, August 1st, 2021, Zachary Lopez talks about ZachNews and what has been happening in regards to the struggles of running the independent news service as well as the recent call for help to save ZachNews.

Before recording this video, Zachary found out that Facebook has blocked access into the Facebook page for ZachNews.

Despite repeated attempts to identify himself so Facebook can verify he is the real owner of the access, Facebook has still refuses to allow Zachary to access ZachNews putting a hold on ZachNews until whatever Facebook does next.

In the meantime and as stated in the video, Zachary is stepping back of a break from ZachNews, but states how sad and disappointing life has been personal, even bring up his plans for ending his life in the Netherlands.

The hope with this break, Zachary would take a break from all that has been going on personally and we’ll during ZachNews.


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