ZachNews: Happy Independence Day 2021 Everybody!

ZachNews wishes everybody a fun, healthy, safe and responsible Independence Day 2021.

We hope you enjoy the cool Colorado River or lakes in our area, and show your local and support for our local restaurants, businesses, RV parks, hotels and casinos well you are all visiting.

Please have fun but responsibly and carefully with allowed fireworks (safe and sane fireworks).

Do not to light fireworks near anything that can catch on fire such as dry vegetation or wooden structures; this includes lightning fireworks towards homes, in dry vegetation or next to a fireworks stand.

Do not to light fireworks towards people or pets.

If your pets get frightened by fireworks, please make sure to put your pets inside where it’s safe and comfortable for your pets.

Make sure to have near by a fire extinguisher and water hose in case of any fires.

Make sure to have near by a first aid kit in case somebody gets accidentlly injured.

Remember, call 911 for an emergency; please make sure to remain calm, stay where you are calling from, what emergency responders you are needing, and provide the correct information and location of where the emergency is located.

Please make sure to pick up after yourselves; including anything that is sharp or can poke you such as glass, nails and fishing hooks.

Please make sure to stay cool in the heat of the Colorado River desert, have cold driving water, cooling towels or protected covering and sun cream protection with you.

ZachNews would like to thank all of the people who’ve served in our military; thank you all for fighting to protect our freedoms and protecting our lives from evil, as well as all of our emergency responders, including firefighters, law enforcement, and paramedics who respond to emergency calls such as fires every day, risking their lives to protect our lives.

May we all give our love, support and respect everyday to all who service our community, protecting and saving lives.

This year, may we always continue to give our thoughts, prayers and condolences to the families, friends and the people of Surfside, Florida following the deadly building collapse; we are united with you all, Surfside Strong.

Thank You, Take Care and Happy Independence Day 2021 Everybody!

Zachary Lopez (ZachNews)


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