Needles, CA: Needles Community Television Club is having a Membership Drive 2021.

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Source: Needles Community Television Club (Information):

Needles, California: The Needles Community Television Club is having their annual membership drive for 2021.

Founded in 1958, the Needles Television Club was formed to bring television to Needles, California via a translator system located in the Black Mountains near Oatman, Arizona.

The club has partnered with Mohave County to share in the operation of what has grown to become nearly forty channels that can be received freely over the air with a simple UHF antenna.

It could easily be the oldest continuously operated TV club in the country, having served the communities of Needles, California as well as Mohave Valley, Arizona and Topock/Golden Shores, Arizona for sixty years.

Prior to 1958, Needles and the Mohave Valley had been pronounced T.V. sterile by experts because the surrounding mountains blocked any line of sight signals.

Several Needles community leaders and some Kingman technicians conducted tests from high points around the area, and chose the most successful (and current) location, just beyond Boundry Cone.

Many years later, cable television came to Needles, and, later still, satellite T.V. service became available. But cable does not reach all the outlying areas, and there are people who cannot afford the extra cost of cable or satellite.

Compared to satellite, the network signal that comes from the translators will have programming that is between 1 and two hours earlier (depending upon the time of year) than the “L.A. feed.”

The Needles Community T.V. Club remains committed to ensuring that a low cost over the air television signal should continue to be available in the area.

The translator facility has been supported by volunteer donation dues of $10 per year, a figure that has not changed for 63 years.

Formerly, volunteers sat at tables at various businesses and reminded people to pay their donation dues during the weeks of the membership drive each year.

Currently, people are being asked to demonstrate their support for free over the air television.

Please help to insure that free over the air television continues to be available in the Needles, California and Mohave Valley, Arizona areas by making your tax deductible contribution of $10.00 per family to:

The Needles Community T.V. Club c/o Bruce Pocock
214 Fairway Drive
Needles, California, 92363


Eileen Hartwick
c/o Napa-Big O
949 West Broadway,
Needles, California, 92363

Membership contributions will be accepted until May 30, and can also be dropped at Napa-Big O.

Your club has been transmitting its all digital and high definition re-broadcast of NBC from Phoenix at digital channel 12.1. Check it out, along with the other digital and high definition channels that are supplied by Mohave County.

Their re-broadcast costs are supported by county property taxes, but our channel is made available by your donations and the service of our volunteers.

If you have not experienced the quality of our all-digital high definition signal, you are missing the opportunity to boost the clarity of your tv without a monthly charge.

Most satellite and cable programming is not transmitted in high definition without a premium charge.

Allow your high definition television to perform to its full capacity by connecting it to our broadcast.

For additional information call Eileen Hartwick at: 760-326-3885, or Bruce Pocock at 702-376-4277.

If you have already made your contribution, we thank you.


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