Breaking News: Agua Dulce, CA: Firefighter who was shot and killed in shooting at Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Station 81 identified as community remembers the fallen firefighter.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Sources: Los Angeles County Fire Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Information):

Agua Dulce, California: The firefighter who was shot and killed in a shooting at the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Station 81 has been identified as community remembers the fallen firefighter.

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On Tuesday, June 1st, 2021, an off-duty firefighter came to the fire station, and shot a firefighter and wounded a fire caption.

On Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021, the firefighter who was shot and killed has been identified as 44 year old Tory Carlon.

Tory Carlon worked for the Los Angeles County Fire Department for more than 20 years, and was married with three daughters.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Carlon’s family, which you can donate by going to:

Firefighters and the community remembered the fallen firefighter Tory Carlon during a somber procession Tuesday night.

Dozens of fire trucks and law enforcement vehicles participated in the caravan honoring firefighter Tory Carlon as it made its way along California State Route 14, transporting his flag-draped casket to the coroner’s office.

Upon arrival, firefighters removed the flag, folded it and presented it to a group of apparent family members who stood nearby.

The shooter also wounded a 54 year old fire captain, whose name hasn’t been release, which officials say was not believed to have been intentionally targeted.

The fire caption underwent surgery and was recovering in critical but stable condition.

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After the shooting, the off-duty firefighter shooter drove to his home in Acton, California where he reportedly set the house on fire before killing himself.

The off-duty firefighter shooter has been identified as 45 year old Jonathan Patrick Tatone of Acton, California.

The body of Jonathan Patrick Tatone was found in a pool outside the home by responding deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials believe Jonathan Patrick Tatone was involved in an ongoing dispute with a fellow firefighter that resulted in the deadly shooting.

His official cause of death has not been released.

ZachNews and the community sends our thoughts, prayers and condolences to the family and friends of you firefighter Tory Carlon who was killed; thank you for your service to the community and saving lives, and sends our hope for a speedy recovery for the 54 year old fire caption injured in the shooting.


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