News Update: Needles, CA: Officials from the City of Needles celebrate the start of repair work along a bumpy stretch of Needles Highway near David Drive.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Source: Needles City Manager Rick Daniels (Information and Press Release):

Needles, California: Repair work has begun on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 along a bumpy stretch of Needles Highway near David Drive.

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The long awaiting repair work to fix this heavily traveled section of Needles Highway used by truckers and tourists north towards Laughlin, Nevada from Needles, California is welcoming news to those who in the area who had to deal with for years potholes, chipped pavement and cracks, and faded away yellow line making driving at night unsafe.

Picture: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

In a press release from Needles City Manager Rick Daniels, Tuesday morning, the City of Needles will begin the $217 thousand dollars in major road repairs to North Needles Highway from 800′ North of Palm Rd for approx. 1/2 mile North.

“This is a much needed and long overdue road project that increased Measure I (1/4 % sales tax for road maintenance) revenues, and we are excited to improve the traveling public’s safety,” said Needles City Mayor Jeff Williams.

The City of Needles is using Christensen Brothers General Engineering Inc of Apple Valley to conduct the work.

The project continues efforts to rebuild Needles Highway that first began in 2002.

San Bernardino County Public Works managed the first phases of the Needles Highway from N Street to 500′ South of Park Rd. Of approximately $3.5 million, $1.86 million remains from the allocated cost of that project.

San Bernardino County has secured approval from CalTrans to apply the savings towards constructing a 1-mile segment from 500′ South of Park Rd to 800′ North of Palm Rd.

The project tomorrow will “grind and pave” the old patches and lay a 2″ overlay with petromat for the 1/2 mile of Needles Highway.

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The start of repairing this section of Needles Highway was such an important goal for the community, officials from the City of Needles held a short ceremony to kick start the project and to thank those work are working on the project.

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Members of the Needles City Council as well as those working on the project and the public gathered at the starting location of the project, where Needles City Council Member Timothy Terral spoke to those in attendance during the ceremony.

Pictures: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

During the repair work, there will ,be a traffic control area set up to guide motorists north and south along a signal lane as crews repair and pave the other lane.

Motorists should drive with caution through the area as there will be a lot of construction vehicle and workers working along the roadway.


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