Breaking News: Pomona, CA: Police pursuit of a murder suspect ends in a crash with a semi truck.

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Sources: Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol (Information):

Pomona, California: Police pursuit of a murder suspect ended in a crash with a semi truck on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021.

The police pursuit started at around 5:00 p.m. PT, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said that they had been searching for the murder suspect in the area, and when deputies tried to contact the suspect, the suspect attacked one of the deputies then drove off in a pickup truck, prompting the police pursuit.

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Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department as well as officers from the California Highway Patrol were involved in the pursuit.

The police pursuit went through the California cities of Riverside, Jurupa Valley and Diamond Bar driving at high speeds and recklessly including driving along the wrong side of the street, drove onto the sidewalk and zigzagging through busy parking lots.

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Also during the pursuit, the box truck want into oncoming lanes in what appear to be an attempt to stop the suspect’s pickup truck, only to crash into another vehicle approaching the box truck after trying to get out of the way of the suspect’s pickup truck that was driving also along the wrong side of the street.

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At around 6:15 p.m. PT, the police pursuit drove through the American Gasoline and Food gas pumping area off East Holt Avenue to get onto North San Antonio Avenue.

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As the pickup truck got onto North San Antonio Avenue going north to approach the intersection with East Holt Avenue, a semi truck along eastbound East Holt Avenue smashed into the pickup truck putting an end to the police pursuit.

Lots of law enforcement deputies armed and geared up in SWAT gear surrounded the pickup truck that suffered front end damaged from the crash, and with the airbags deployed with the suspect and his passenger still inside.

A few minutes later, the suspect exited the driver’s side of the pickup truck and began crawling toward deputies where he was taken into custody.

The woman passenger inside the pickup truck was was taken into custody, questioned and later released.


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The semi truck driver, being identified as Ahmed Shabaan, said he tried to end the dangerous police pursuit by blocking the pickup truck’s path.

Telling Fox 11 News, Shabaan said he knew a murder suspect was involved in the police pursuit so he tracked the driver, lined the big rig truck so the suspect’s pickup truck would smash into the vehicle.

Ahmed Shabaan said to Fox 11 News that he was okay after the crash into the suspect’s pickup truck.

Officials from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department were said to release more information in a press release regarding the suspect and about the murder case, but still haven’t yet official release anything yet.

There are reports that the suspect may have been connected to a murder in the Bakersfield, California area.

NBC affiliate KGET Channel 17 is reporting that the suspect in the Tuesday evening police pursuit is also accused by the victim’s family of killing a 40 year old man at a home in Oildale, California back on March 28th, 2021.

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