Needles, CA: Needles Public Utility Authority reduces electric rate.

Source: City of Needles (Information and Press Release): 

Needles, California: Members of the Needles Public Utility Authority unanimously voted on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 to approve a reduction to the current electric rate which all customers pay for power at their homes and businesses.

In a press release from the City of Needles,”the rate goes from $0.0860 to $0.0775 for overhydro. The overhydro rate is for all energy usage charges in excess of the hydroelectric allotments. This is the third time in 4 months that the NPUA has been able to reduce rates.”

Needles City Mayor Jeff Williams said,“The NPUA works hard to operate efficiently to control costs and deliver the lowest possible rates to our customers. The NPUA customers enjoy amongst the lowest combined utility rates in the southwest United States. Our goal is to continue that.”

The Needles Public Utility Authority is allowed to reduce rates due to increasing volumes of electric usage and procuring low priced long term energy contracts.

The unanimously vote by members of the Needles Public Utility Authority during their meeting last Tuesday, which you can view at ZachNews on Facebook.

For more information regarding the Needles City Council Meetings, please contact the Rainie Torrance with the City of Needles at: 1 (760) 326-2113 Extension 140.


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