Needles, CA: Local independent news service ZachNews celebrates 11th anniversary.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Needles, California: Local independent news service ZachNews is celebrating their 11th anniversary on Thursday, January 21st, 2021.

ZachNews began 11 years ago today on Thursday, January 21st, 2010 by local resident Zachary Lopez, with the goal of bringing the people the latest news, weather, traffic, sports, politics, and events effecting Needles, California as well as the Colorado River Tri-State area.

Over those 11 years, ZachNews reported on a variety of news stories that affected the community change the lives of those who lived in the community and brought the community together.

Independent, self funded and mainly using his own running shoes, Zachary run ZachNews from his residence, operating 24/7 a day, fact checking and confirming information without bias, and ready to go the distance to bring the people the news happening in their community.

Even through difficult financial, health, safety and personal challenges, I continue to provide free news and information to the community on ZachNews with the ethics, morals, standards and integrity that I learned well volunteering at several local television stations well I was living in San Diego, California.

I thank those great mentors who worked in the news in San Diego, California for teaching me what is important and giving me the opportunity to work voluntarily back their side on news stories well I was living in San Diego, California.

I will always be grateful for having such wonderful news mentors who worked hard for the people with ethics, morals, standards and integrity.

Thanks to all of our great and caring fans of supporters from making ZachNews their real trusted and honest independent news for the people for 11 years in the community.



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