Needles, CA: New General Manager talks to ZachNews about good changes coming to Rivers Edge Golf Course, upcoming “Fed Up with 2020” golf tournament and recent donation drop off of canned goods.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Needles, California: Golfers of the beautiful Rivers Edge Golf Course have a new General Manager taking over the golf course near the Colorado River.

Matt Groogan, the new General Manager for Rivers Edge Golf Course who’s taking over for Miguel Olvera who’s leaving as Interim General Manager, spoke to ZachNews on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 about what changes golfers can expect at the Rivers Edge Golf Course.

Matt Groogan tells ZachNews that,”We got some good changes getting ready to happen at the golf course; trying to make this place a lot more beautiful then it already is. As you can see we got a lot of greenery going on out here; grass in growing in good here, greens is getting in more faster so everything is looking good out here.

ZachNews asked Matt Groogan to talk a little about yourself, background and what brought you to come to Rivers Edge Golf Course and the community of Needles, California.

So I started playing golf when I was two years old. Played high school golf, and got a double scholarship for golf and basketball to go to Lindenwood which is in Saint Charles, Minnesota. After that, went back home and starting working the golf business. Eventually, learn new management and everything lead me here to Needles. Been working for Touchstone; they taught me a great deal and it’s been really fun working with the, and when this position opened, I was really excited and grateful for it, and so far second day, but everybody here in Needles been really great. Rivers Edge is a great place to be so come on out and see us,” said Matt Groogan.

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As for the future of Rivers Edge Golf Course, Matt Groogan said, “As for what’s coming up, we got lessons to start. Right now, I got lesson plans already, fill free to call me for those at the golf course.”

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ZachNews asked Matt Groogan if there’s any specials or events coming up for golfers at Rivers Edge Golf Course, including a golfing tournament for anybody, “Fed Up with 2020.

So in pass years, we’ve been closed on Christmas Day, so this year we’re open full day on Christmas Eve and we will be open from 7 to 9 (California Time) on Christmas Day so that’s something a little different we have going on, and obviously we’ll be fully operational on New year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as well, and we do have a ‘Fed Up Tournament’ as what we’re calling it; fed up with 2020. Know everybody had a crazy this year so we’re going to have a four-men scramble on the 31st at 9 a.m. (California Time),” said Matt Groogan.

Matt Groogan tells ZachNews that there will be a $35 entry fee for the Fed Up with 2020 Golf Tournament, it will be a four person team, and is open to all ages; from 12 years old and above.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation going on in the community and across the country, Matt Groogan tells ZachNews that face masks are encouraged to be worn all the time, that they’re only allowing in one or two people into the Pro Shop at once, and that they will have people going off the front or back side of the Pro Shop to encouraged social distancing.

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Matt Groogan also spoke about a recent donation drop off to Saint Vincent De Paul in Downtown Needles, California that occurred Tuesday morning.

We had a tournament we had recently; it was our – it was kind of like a Christmas shoot out – and part of that is if you brought a can food item, you got five dollars off your green fee there. So we had about 40 pounds of canned goods that we just donated this morning to Saint Vincent over in Downtown Needles so they were really thankful and we were really happy to do that for them,” said Matt Groogan.

Matt Groogan tells ZachNews that green fees for those wanting to play on the golf course anytime year round is posted on their website or you can call Rivers Edge Golf Course and our staff can help you with you tee times.

The community welcomes new Rivers Edge Golf Course General Manager Matt Groogan to the community, and thank Miguel Olvera for being Interim General Manager at Rivers Edge Golf Course.

Rivers Edge Golf Course is located at 144 Marina Drive, just north of River Road and just steps away from near First and Second Beaches along the Colorado River.

Golfers, come on into the Pro Shop to purchase gift certificates to Rivers Edge Golf Course for Christmas; the $35.00 Package includes 18 holes with cart, Rivers Edge Golf Course t-shirt all inside a Christmas bag with gift bag tissue.

For more information, prices or help with getting your tee times in, please check out the Rivers Edge Golf Course website at: or call Rivers Edge Golf Course at: 1 (760) 326-3931.

Come on out to the beautiful Rivers Edge Golf Course in Needles, California.


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