San Bernardino, CA: Remembering the terrorist attack inside the Inland Regional Center five years ago today.

San Bernardino, California: At 10:58am PT on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015, a gathering of people for the Christmas holiday season when a husband and wife, inspired by Islamic terrorist, stormed into a banquet room and began shooting at innocent people, killing 14 people and wounded 22 people, before the husband and wife terrorist attackers were shot and killed by brave members of law enforcement.

Please take a moment to remember the 14 lives taken away three years ago today in the terrorist attack inside the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

May we all remember the lives we lost on that day four years ago; Robert Adams‬, Isaac Amanios‬, ‪Bennetta Betbadal,‬ ‪Harry Bowman,‬ ‪Sierra Clayborn,‬ ‪Juan Espinoza,‬ ‪Aurora Godoy‬, Shannon Johnson,‬ ‪Larry Daniel Kaufman,‬ ‪Damian Meins,‬ ‪Tin Nguyen‬, ‪Nicholas Thalasinos,‬ ‪Yvette Velasco and‬ ‪Michael Wetzel‬.

We all stand united with the families and friends of the victims and know that you will never be forgotten.


May we give thanks to the many brave emergency personnel and law enforcement officers and deputies who responded to the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California on that day.

Thank you for saving lives, protecting more lives from being taken and for taking down evil.


May we always stay #SBStrong (San Bernardino Strong).


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