Needles, CA: Needles City Election 2020: Needles City Council Candidate Louise Evans answers community questions from ZachNews.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Needles, California: In the upcoming election in November 2020, voters locally will be making their decision on who will be representing the people as mayor and city council members for the City of Needles.

ZachNews sent out questions to the candidates on what the community would like the candidates to answer before they make their voting decision on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

The following is questions and answers from Needles City Council Candidate Louise Evans:

(Responses and Answers by Candidate in “Quotation Marks”)

*** Candidate’s Background: ***

  • Your full name?


  • Where are you from? 


  • Your occupation?


  • Background about yourself:


“My name is Louise Evans and should be known by the citizens of this community due to my long time residency and exposure through the years of working as a Pubic Servant for the original Needles Police Department.  I was serving as a Dispatcher then aid to the then Chief of Police Bruce Weekley until the Department was contracted to the San Bernardino County Sheriff.  I felt very honored and proud serving the Community in that capacity.”
“Though I am not originally from Needles, my husband was born and pretty much raised here.  In fact the same Dr. Harvard delivered him as well my oldest Son Wade.  I was born in Eugene, OR and migrated here as a small child.”
“I have raised all four of children here, attending Needles Unified School from kindergarten to their graduation.  They not only achieved academics to graduate but participated in every sport available winning State Championships many times.  This in itself brought high respect and attention to the School District.  My husband, Don served as the transportation Supervisor with the School District.  I remember nights he couldnt relax until those children were safely home.  i know that many of you that might view this writing, remember those long nights of travel from a distance.”
“After the Needles Police abolished, I was given a part time position as a clerk at the Needles Justise Court.  Because that pay was reduced to about 1/4 of the income i had been making and my love for Dispatching, I pursued a job as a Public Safety Dispacher with the California Highway Patrol but that required me to work in Barstow where for many years i communited because my children were still young.  It made for a long day.  I am now retired but not by choice but because of unexpected circumstances.  i still miss helping those in need. Dispatching was my passion.”
“Though this gives you a little back ground of my life, my present views are directed to the betterment and enhancement for our valured historical  little town.  i was talking with a friend today that remembers farther back that i when the infrastructure was originally established.  She happened to mention her water and sewage lines were put in place in 1953.  This adventure is crucial to maintain and upgrade due to its age.  Beginning from the basics and working from the bottom up would seem to me an expreme importance.  In my minds eye, i would like to see simple tasks worked on to beautify  and cause attraction to Needles, starting with every self surviving tree manicured.  Nothing is more meaningful in our climate than  to share the shade of a  tree here in the summer as well creating an appealing and attractive attribute.  I want to be an inviting community.  If a traveler needs or wants to stop in the lot after entering from AZ, and partake under a shade tree to plan out their continued plans or considering a stay in Needles, vounitarily spending time and money here should be welcomed.   It has always been my desire to provide services that people can partake in willingly.  We once had so many little businesses in so many different venues.  It saddens my heart that we have lost and regained.”
  • Why are you running for Needles City Council?
“i am not running as a representive to perform in a political nature.  i have a passion for Needles and have a wish to perserve the history and beautify it once had.  i know many enjoy change but in my mind we have lost so much as years progressed.  We were once known as a Railroad town and recruited so many from afar places, surviving in an economic hardship at that time.  As I’m told a local business was helpful in keeping our citizens with necessities.  This was an attribute of our City, until many were drawn to AZ because of easier State regulations.”
“I have some ideas of providing indigent persons with shelter based on information provided me through a family member,  It is a facility established by a Mission out of State and does require stipulations and  regulations to take advantage of the services.  I am a believer of earning the privilege.”

*** The Topics and Questions: ***

  • What do you think of the California Governor’s “Stay-At-Home” order on our community? 


  • How would you reach out to the businesses and citizens of our community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?


  • What would you do in the event of another COVID-19 pandemic shut down?


– Law Enforcement and Protests:

  • What is your response to the protests and calls for defunding law enforcement?


  • How would you handle a situation in our community regarding law enforcement and mistreatment that addresses any injustice and mistreatment while keeping the peace and respect in the community; especially between citizens and law enforcement?


– Local Infrastructures, and Water, Wastewater and Electric Rates:

  • How would you help get our crumbling infrastructures in our community get fix and replace?


  • Do you think raising utilities to pay for those infrastructures a good idea, especially at this moment as residents and businesses are going through problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic?


– Community Growth:

  • How would you help attract new retails and businesses to invest, build and create new jobs in our community, such as new grocery store and laundromat? 


  • Should the City of Needles offer incentives for these new retails and businesses to come invest, build and create new jobs in our community? 


  • Should the City of Needles have some kind of a co-op grocery store if no new grocery store is interested in coming to our community?


“I often wonder if we can get small business attracted.  As well the conditions and outcome of our pandemic have given new sight to the operation of business.   YES, WE want and need a grocery store.  What ever we can to do to entice one to provide fresh products is of great importance.”

– Marijuana Industries, Businesses and Events?

  • What do you think about the marijuana industries and businesses in the community, and their affect on our community (Good or Bad)? 


  • Would you support more marijuana industries and businesses to our community, including lounges, cafes and drive-thrus?


  • Would you support allowing of marijuana related events to our community sound to attract more tourists?


“The Marijuana industry is not my favorite topic.  As most know, I have been against it.  I have since learned more about the medicinal benefits and feel with proper use, could help with the control of abused over consumption prescribed opiates.  With this in mind, I am still not in favor of saturating the City with their exposure.  It has always been my desire that the industry had been better planned and placed in out of sight locations.”

– Housing and Homelessness:

  • What will you do to bring in more needed housing to our community, especially more housing both market-rate and affordable, both houses and apartments?


  • What do you think about tiny houses and shipping container housing  as an alternative to affordable housing in our community?


  • Should the City of Needles offer incentives for these new housing and apartments of various sizes and rates, including affordable, to our community?


  • How can the City of Needles help in addressing homelessness in our community? 


– Gateway to California, Tourism and History:

  • How would you help to bring in more tourism into our community? 


  • What would you help local attractions, hotels and businesses in our community that relay on tourists, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?


  • How would you work to preserve the community’s history for future generations can visit, learn and bring them back to visit or live in our community?


– Open Local Government, Public Relations and Community Involvement:

  • What would you do to make local government more open, honest and transparent to the people of our community?


  • What would you do to help get more people from our community more involved in their local government, especially participating in city council meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic?


  • How would you to help better communications between citizens, media and local government so that important information is getting out to the people in our community?
*** Candidate’s Closing Comments and Contacts: ***
“I dont feel that I have anything more to offer than my running mates as I feel we all have something to contribute. I just ask that you give considerable thought to the objectives of each individual and made a concious chose to fill a seat you want as a respresentative on your behalf”
“With this all being said, I will trust those of choose will fulfill us in  a most advantageous method.
Thank you all for your  valued considerations in a very important service.”

Thank you Louise Evans for answering our questions from the community.

Good luck to all of the candidates and do not forget to vote in the City of Needles Election 2020.


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