Needles, CA: Large dragon and flames greeted people and motorists passing by the Big Green House on Halloween Night 2020.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Needles, California: The popular Big Green House on the corner of North K Street and Needles Highway was decorated for Halloween 2020.

Lights and inflatable dragon greeted motorists as they drove by, but what got some people’s attention was the fire that appeared to be brazen upstairs of the popular house said to be haunted, but not to worry for those flames were fake and part of the decoration set up by Doctor and Needles Vice Mayor Edward J. Paget.

Doctor Paget was seen outside of the decorated house, and said that he was providing tours of the big green house for $10 that night.

Doctor Paget also said that he did let the fire department know of the fake flame decorations so that firefighters don’t rush over to the big green house.

The big green house has been said to be haunted by some kind of a spirit that lives there, and in February 2015, Route 66 Paranormal Investigators were invited into the big green house discovering a ghost at the home; an 8 year old little girl in the upstairs bedroom area of the home.

The Paget family as well as volunteers have decorated the big green house for years for Halloween as well as for Christmas, wanting to bring spooks and joy to the community their family loves.

Thank you and great work to the Paget family and volunteers for definitely spooking us all for Halloween 2020.


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