Breaking News: Essex, CA: Vehicle versus semi truck collision along westbound Interstate 40 just west of Essex Road.

Source: California Highway Patrol (Information):

Essex, California: Vehicle versus semi truck collision has occurred along westbound Interstate 40 just west of Essex Road.

According to the California Highway Patrol’s Traffic Incident Information Page, a four door sedan version white cab semi truck, and two patients out of the vehicle.

Firefighters from the San Bernardino County Fire Department’s Station 32 is responding to the collision, and an airship out of Arizona is also being requested.

As of 4:21 p.m. PT, Careflight was called just for ET only (Estimated Time).

As of 4:26 p.m. PT, com-center advising Careflight 6 has a 33 minutes ETA.

As of 4:32 p.m. PT, com-center advising Medical Engine 31A that California Highway Patrol reports two patients with minor injuries. Canceled airship if they were on stand by; just needed ETA.

As of 4:46 p.m. PT, Medical Engine 31A advising com-center that vehicle on its roof.

As of 4:48 p.m. PT, Medical Engine 31A advising com-center of the two patients and no hazards, and canceled Medical Engine 32 response.

As of 4:53 p.m. PT, Medical Engine 32 being detached from collision call to go to another call; Medical Patrol 18 continuing in route to Needles, California to cover for Medical Engine 32.

As of 4:58 p.m. PT, two patients in route to Colorado River Medical Center in Needles, California. Other incident call that Medical Engine 32 was sent to well heading to this call got canceled, and advised com-center that they are available on radio; returning to town. Medical Patrol 18 to hold coverage of area until Medical Engine 32 returns.

Active Towing from Needles, California has been called to the scene to handle clean up and towing.

Please drive with caution through this area.

More information is still coming into ZachNews.


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