Breaking News: Amboy, CA: Vehicle and semi truck collision along westbound Interstate 40 west of Kelbaker Road.

Source: California Highway Patrol (Information):

Amboy, California: Vehicle collision has occurred along westbound Interstate 40 west of Kelbaker Road

Firefighters are heading to the scene.

Initial reports so far are that a vehicle towing a car came off the tow and was hit by a semi truck.

Reports California Highway Patrol Traffic Information Incident Page that a group a volunteer firefighters, possibly with CalFire, assisting on the scene.

As of 4:58 p.m., semi truck is off the roadway in an embankment.

As of 5:04 p.m., reports of no injures and all lanes are blocked.

As of 5:13 p.m., semi truck on wheels approximately 20ft over the embankment.

As of 5:21 p.m., hard closure ordered for #2 Lane for semi truck recovery.

Motorists should avoid this area and use alternate routes.

As of 9:25 p.m., scene has been cleared and hard closure has been removed.


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