News Alert: Mohave County, AZ: Warning issued regarding fireworks and burn ban following recent vegetation fires in Topock and Mohave Valley.

Source: Mohave Valley Fire Department (Information):

Mohave County, Arizona: With many fireworks shows canceled due to COVID-19 and people shopping for fireworks to celebrate Independence Day 2020 Weekend, a fireworks warning is being issued following two vegetation fires caused by fireworks.

Early morning on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, a small vegetation fire occurred at Catfish Paradise in Topock, Arizona.

Late on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020, another small vegetation fire in a residential area along Oaktree Drive near Tamarisk Drive in Mohave Valley, Arizona.

Both of these vegetation fires in Mohave Valley and Topock were caused by fireworks; all happening just before the Independence Day 2020 Weekend.

During an interview with ZachNews, Fire Marshal Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department tells the public, “At this time, Mohave County is under a Burn Ban throughout the entire county, and that is for all open fires unless propane. Fireworks and shooting; at this time they are illegal; any type of fireworks. Ariel style fireworks are illegal all year round so if it shoots into the air and explodes, it’s illegal.”

The interview was done near the location of the second vegetation fire that occurred in a residential area in Mohave Valley.

“This was right next to residential area that was built in the early 60s, if not before. There’s a lot of mobile homes that burn very very quickly with these flying flashing fuels. So guys, we’re asking you, please don’t use your fireworks in this area. The only place legally shot off fireworks is at the Avi (Avi Resort and Casino) by the old race track, and currently the Avi is close so that area is close as well. So there’s no areas to legally shoot off fireworks,” said Fire Marshal Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department.

The closure of the Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada is due to COVID-19.

The recent fires has residents worry, wondering what should they do in case they have to evacuate, Fire Marshal Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department tells those residents to have a plan and be prepare, especially for vegetation fires.

A few things to note in case you are near a vegetation fire that is burning near your home: have your emergency preparedness kit, food and drinking water, and important medicine and paperwork in a well studied backpack or easy to move carry container such as a container with wheels or suitcase, all ready to grab to leave out the door of your home or placed in the back of your vehicle in your driveway with the front of the vehicle facing towards the street.

People should not only get themselves and the family prepared for a fire, but also their property around there home.

“People should make sure that they’re lots around their house are cleared of the fine flashy fuels, the dead brush; that will help protect their place,” said Fire Marshal Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department.

Importantly, if you see a fire burning especially possible started from fireworks or any other fuel starter, immediately call 911.

“Someone needs to call 911 immediately when they noticed this (when notice a fire). We got people trying to put the fire out but we’re not getting the 911 calls. I had three calls personally before this fire ever came out over dispatch,” said Fire Marshal Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department.

If you have information on fires that got started by fireworks or other fuel starter, Fire Marshal Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department said if it’s an emergency, call 911 and if it’s not an emergency, they can call our business line: 928-768-9113 if no one answers, please leave a message.

Remember when calling 911, make sure to tell the dispatcher where your calling from and what is the emergency; please make sure to be calm and provide the needed important information such as exact address, how many people are hurt if any, if other homes are near by if there’s a fire; and remember to listen to the instructions provided by the dispatcher.

Please stay safe and healthy Colorado River Tri-State area, and enjoy responsibility Independence Day 2020 Weekend.


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