News Update: Mohave Valley, AZ: Mylar balloon hits utility line causing vegetation and two residential structures to catch fire along the 10500 block of Lead Lane.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Mohave Valley, Arizona: Firefighters from multiple fire department agencies responsed to a fire along the 10500 block of Lead Lane on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020.Fire Marshall Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department confirmed to ZachNews that a mylar balloon hit a utility line, shorted out and started the vegetation on fire, and burned into the two residential structures.

ZachNews was first news crew to arrive on scene as firefighters from multiple fire department agencies battled flames, smoke and the heat.

Firefighters from Mohave Valley Fire Department, Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department, Oatman Fire Department, Golden Shores Fire Department and San Bernardino County Fire Department as well as Baker Emergency Medical Service all responsed to the incident.

During the fire battle, the residential structure at 10532 Lead Lane begin to collapse; the roof and the left side wall began to slowly lean to the side eventually collapsing.

Fire Marshall Don Gibson tells ZachNews that this residential structure is a total loss.

An adjacent residential structure began to catch fire firefighters moving quickly to put out those flames building started to catch fire.

Fire Marshall Don Gibson tells ZachNews that the second residential structure is maybe saveible.Both of the residential structures were vacant at the time of the fire.

Fire Marshall Don Gibson tells ZachNews that there were no injuries to civilians, but a firefighter did suffered minor injuries the firefighter was transported, treated and released.

Firefighters are mopping up the scene as utility crews from Mohave Electric Cooperative are on scene working on the utility line that was affected by the mylar balloon.

Lead Lane remains closed, and may stay closed for another few hours.

Thank you to all of the firefighters, emergency personnel, law enforcement and emergency volunteers who responded to the fire today.

Stay tuned to ZachNews for more news updates regarding this breaking news story.


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