Breaking News: Redlands, CA: Massive three-alarm fire at a giant warehouse.

Source: Redlands Fire Department and San Bernardino County Fire Department (Information and Press Release):

Redlands, California: A massive three-alarm fire is burning at a giant warehouse located on the 2200 block of West Lugonia Avenue.

Pictures: San Bernardino County Fire Department (Courtesy):

The fire began in the morning of Friday, June 5th, 2020.

Flames and thick smoke were seen shooting out of the roof and windows of the giant warehouse as big rig trailers, including at least one Amazon trailer, catches on fire.

Firefighters from San Bernardino County Fire Department assisted firefighters from Redlands Fire Department to put out the 3 alarm fire.

KABC 7 is reporting that a spokesman for the e-commerce company refuted initial reports that the building was owned by Amazon.

Lanes of Interstate 10 near Mountain View Avenue were shut down as fire crews poured streams of water onto the flames, which appeared to engulf almost all of the massive structure.

Authorities are currently allowing motorists to drive along Interstate 10.

At this moment, the fire is under investigation.


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