News Update: Downtown Kingman, AZ: Man booked for aggravated assault with deadly weapon and disorderly conduct with firearm after pointing replica AR15 airsoft rifle at peaceful protesters.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Source: Kingman Police Department (Information and Press Release):

Downtown Kingman, Arizona: The Kingman Police Department has released a statement to ZachNews regarding the incident involving a man pointing some replica airsoft rifle at protesters on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 at Locomotive Park off Andy Devine Avenue.

According to Detective Heath Mosby with the Kingman Police Department, “43 year old White Male: Robert J. Fernandes of Kingman drove past the protest, east bound, at approximately 2:42, Fernandes while driving pointed an AR15 type rifle out his driver’s window at the protestors and sped off. The protestors summonsed nearby Kingman Police Officers and told them what had occurred and were able to point out Fernandes’ vehicle as it sped away. Kingman PD, Bullhead PD and MCSO Officers/Deputies located the vehicle and stopped it in the 500 block of E. Beale St. Fernandes was detained without issue, he denied having pointed any gun at the protestors. He was found in possession of a replica AR15 airsoft rifle and another replica airsoft handgun. Fernandes was booked by KPD for one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of disorderly conduct with a firearm, additional charges may be forth coming. The case is still open and being investigated.”

The moment of the incident as well as the detainment of the man was captured on camera by ZachNews; officers and deputies began chasing after the vehicle through the streets of downtown.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary Lopez was filming the protest from across the street from Locomotive Park near the Kingman visitor’s Center.

Well filming, vehicles pass by the camera along Andy Devine Avenue, eastbound traffic slowing down at the pedestrian crosswalk signal.

A few minutes into the video, law enforcement were seen walking into the street, and protesters being asked to move away.

Only knowing that something just happened and police are going after somebody, ZachNews Photojournalists begin following law enforcement heading eastbound along Andy Devine Avenue, followed by eastbound down an alleyway, and afterwards eastbound along Beale Street.

ZachNews arrived to the scene just a few blocks down from Locomotive Park where multiple police patrol vehicles and law enforcement were seen near a parked dark vehicle and talking to a man sitting on the curb.

ZackNews was this later was told that there was an incident involving a man who pointed some sort of a rifle out of the vehicle.

After law enforcement informed about what happened, ZachNews reviewed the videos today from that day, and spotted the dark vehicle going by eastbound passing the protest.

In the vehicle, something long appears to be a long object in the area of the driver’s steering wheel can be see, and at one point, the long object, was seen leaning on top of the driver’s side door.

Members of the Northern Arizona Militia and Arizona Freedom Militia who were there for security guarded the protesters making sure that they were safe as law enforcement went after the person in the vehicle.

Prior to the incident, protesters took a group picture with Members of the Northern Arizona Militia and Arizona Freedom Militia.

Prior to the protest, threats were posted on social media threatening harm towards protesters, including the organizers of the protest.

Officers and deputies from Kingman Police Department as well as Bullhead City Police there assisting and Mohave County Sheriff’s were at the protest, were greeted by the protesters; talking with the protesters that they’re here to protect their first amendment rights.

Protesters were friendly with the officers and deputies, even signs of laughter and even joking about the heat outside.

Later, members of the national guard arrived at the protest to make sure that everybody is safe.

Protesters welcomed members of the national guard as they made sure that no problems occur from those who want to destruct the peace.

After the incident, the protest continued without any incidents and nobody being hurt thanks to those who were there to protect the first amendment rights of the peaceful protesters.


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