Breaking News: San Bernardino, CA: Reports of fires and looting occurred in the community.

San Bernardino, California: Reports are coming in of fires and looting that occurred earlier Monday night.

** At this moment, here’s what we know: **

– Walgreens, Stater Bros and Discount Mall reportedly been looted near 9th Street and Waterman Avenue as well as near Baseline Street and Waterman Avenue.

– Looting reported at a Walmart and broken windows at Verizon store off Hallmark Parkway.

– Looting and vandalism reported doors down from the Papa John Pizza at 4434 University Parkway.

– The Bank of America had windows broken into near D Street.

– Looting reported at a Home Depot.

– Looting at Dollar Tree at 1035 West Highland Avenue.

– Reports of looting at Harbor Freight at 1700 East Highland Avenue.

– A vegetation fire at East Olive Street and North Waterman Avenue.

This is video from San Bernardino, California courtesy of Fox 11 Los Angeles and iNLANDNEWS of the looting and fires.

More pictures and videos from the scene in San Bernardino, California can be found at iNLANDNEWS via Twitter (Link Below).

The San Bernardino City Police Department, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol have been deployed to those affected areas; multiple patrol vehicles lighting up the night and a helicopter have been heard curling the area.

According to the San Bernardino City Police Department, a curfew was issued from 8:00 p.m. PT Sunday night to sunrise Monday.

As for countywide, officials from the County of San Bernardino haven’t declared a countywide curfew unlike Los Angeles County, California.

ZachNews has learned that State offices in Downtown San Bernardino, California will be closed on Monday.

More Information is still coming into ZachNews.


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