Glendale, AZ: Local officials along with parents of two teenagers shot during a shooting at Westgate Entertainment District thanked first responders for saving lives.

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Glendale, Arizona: Parents of two teenagers who were shot during a shooting at Westgate Entertainment District along with officials from the City of Glendale, Glendale Fire and Glendale Police gave thanks to first responders who helped save lives on that night.

On Thursday, the City of Glendale recognized both Officer Ebersohl and Captain Spire for their heroic actions during a ceremony.

Glendale Police Officer Destiny Ebersohl and Avondale Firefighter Captain Chris Spire were the first to reach two teenage victims shot by Armando Hernandez Jr. last Wednesday.

Two people were sitting on a bench outside Johnny Rockets when the shooting started; 19 year old Alfredo Jaime was shot in the chest and his best friend, 16 year old Destiny, was shot in the leg by the shooter Armando Hernandez Jr.

Ebersohl was one of the first Glendale Police Department Officers on the scene, immediately coming to the aide of both Jaime and Destiny.

“My job is to protect and serve. It’s gotta be a selfless act,” said Officer Ebersohl.

Officer Ebersohl shared a unique moment when treating Destiny, saying, “Destiny looked at me and I said my name’s destiny too. She looks at me, stops everything, stops screaming, and says, “With an I or with a Y?'”

Captain Spire was off-duty at the time, eating dinner with his family at Which Wich.

After hearing the gunshots, he rushed to help both of the victims as well.

“Honestly, I didn’t think about it. I was just instinctively doing what I was trained to do,” said Captain Spire.

Officer Ebersohl and Captain Spire were recognized by Glendale Police Chief Chris Briggs, and they received the “Life Safety Award” by Glendale Fire Chief Terry Garrison and a proclamation from the City by Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers.

The parents of two teenagers who were shot met the first responders who saved their kid’s lives.

Both Captain Spire and Officer Ebersohl met the mothers of Destiny and Alfredo, and with tears in their eyes, thanked both responders for saving their children’s lives.

“God will bless you, tenfold. Because you helped, not because you had to, but because it came from deep within your heart,” said Kathleen Bain, Destiny’s mom.

“I knew that you were their angels that protected them that day, that God sent you,” said Maggie Jaime, Alfredo’s mom.

Great work and many thanks to both Officer Ebersohl and Captain Spire for saving lives during the shooting at the Westgate Entertainment District.


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