Breaking News: Needles, CA: City of Needles confirms first local resident case of COVID-19 recorded in our community.

Source: City of Needles (Information and Press Release):

Needles, California: In a press release from the City of Needles, a first resident case of COVID-19 recorded in our community.

Here’s the City of Needles press release that was posted via Fort Mojave Department of Emergency Response on Facebook today.

According to the City of Needles, the City on Friday, May 22nd, 2020 recorded its first case of COVID-19, and the case appeared in Needles resident and an employee of an essential business.

No further information from the City of Needles on if the person was tested at the local clinic or drive through testing event held a few weeks ago, and no further on what was the “essential business” in which this person was from.

Moment ago, Needles City Council Member Shawn Gudmundson posting via Facebook, “This case is directly in connection from the exposure from the (2) visitor’s from Los Angeles County through contact tracing. All individuals that had possible exposure was required to be tested. The individual had no symptoms and will self quarantine at home.”


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