News Update: Mohave Valley, AZ: Firefighters getting good control of the Dike Fire burning near Marina Coves off Riverfront Parkway.

By Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Source: Mohave Valley Fire Department (Information):

Mohave Valley, Arizona: Firefighters from multiple fire department agencies are getting good control of a vegetation fire named the Dike Fire that is burning near the Marina Coves off Riverfront Parkway.

As of 1:50 a.m. on Sunday, not much flames being seen because the vegetation fire has burn majority onto itself and the portion of the vegetation fire nearest to Riverfront Parkway has reached burnout vegetation areas that we’re set as a fire line break by firefighters earlier that evening.

Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department telling ZachNews that the fire is at 150 acres, and type 6 fire engines from Mohave Valley Fire Department, Golden Shores Fire Department and Desert Hill Fire Department will remain at the scene to put out the remaining flames.

The vegetation fire started in the afternoon of Saturday, April 25th, 2020 just east of the residential gated community just east of Riverfront Parkway and South Lake Drive.

Multiple fire departments are on scene, including Mohave Valley Fire Department, Fort Mohave Mesa Fire Department, Golden shores Fire Department, Golden Valley Fire Department, Desert Hills Fire Department, Bullhead City Fire Department, Bureau of Land Management and San Bernardino County Fire Department.

Firefighters put a fire line break to the north end of South Lake Drive so to prevent the vegetation fire from getting close to residents near South Lake Drive as well as residents along Aqua View.

Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department telling ZachNews that no injuries from the fire, no residents have been burned and no evacuations have been ordered.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office as well as Fort Mojave Indian Tribal Police Department are on scene assisting with roads closures as well as watching out for fireworks that have been shooting off near by.

Riverfront Parkway east of Colorado Vista Court remain closed, and spectators are being asked to stay away from the area.

Don Gibson with the Mohave Valley Fire Department telling ZachNews that the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Stay tuned to ZachNews for the latest information regarding the Dike Fire.


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