News Alert: Sacramento, CA: California’s 33rd District Assemblyman Jay Obernolte introduces bill that gives local governments authority over concealed carry law.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Source: California’s 33rd District Assemblyman Jay Obernolte Office (Information):

Sacramento, California: California’s 33rd District Assemblyman Jay Obernolte has introduced a bill on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 to ensure that local governments in California have the ability to recognize concealed carried weapon permits from other states.

“This is a common sense proposal that gives local governments the authority to respect neighboring states concealed carry laws without hindering public safety,” said Assemblyman Obernolte. “Many bordering states recognize California CCW law and this bill would provide that same reciprocity. Ultimately, cities and counties should have the power to determine what is suitable for their residents.”

Assembly Bill 2206 would allow California cities or counties to recognize other states’ concealed carry laws with authorization from either the city council or county board of supervisors.

County approval would also require consent from the county sheriff.

In the event that a local jurisdiction makes a declaration allowing another state’s residents to conceal carry a firearm in their community, the CCW holder would also be required to comply with California concealed carry law.

This bill would allow sister communities that are divided by a state border to freely conduct travel without unnecessary restrictions that place a burden on local residents.

Assemblyman Jay Obernolte represents the 33rdAssembly District, which includes the several San Bernardino County, California communities including the desert community of Needles, California.

As first reported in the summer of 2019 on ZachNews, members of the Needles City Council voted unanimously to declared the City of Needles a Second Amendment Sanctuary City, the first city in California.

Needles City Mayor Jeff Williams responsed to ZachNews regarding the bill that Jay Obernolte introduced today, saying, “Excellent idea hope it gets some traction in Sacramento and we get at least some of what we started this for.

Hopes for the bill and the City of Needles, Needles City Mayor Jeff Williams said, “Pushing through and trying to get prop 63 fixed along with this legislation Jay put up is a good start.”

Needles City Manager Rick Daniels also responded to ZachNews regarding the bill that was introduced today by Jay Obernolte, saying, “I have reviewed Obernolte’s proposed legislation and I find it consistent with the City’ request of the legislature. The City of Needles is grateful for the follow up by Assembly member Obernolte. It is really exciting to people stand up for our basic constitutional rights. Cities and counties in AZ, Virginia, and Florida.”

The main counselor who drafted and introduced the Second Amendment Sanctuary City and included the reciprocity of 65 miles from Needles, California, Needles City Council Member Timothy Terral responded to ZachNews regarding the bill introduced by Jay Obernolte, saying, “My responses that is exactly what we were looking for when we pass the second amendment sanctuary city one of our primary arguments for doing so was the fact that people from Arizona and Nevada who have concealed carry permits cannot bring there weapons with them in the California therefore they are bypassing our town by taking the two lane back road instead of interstate 40 to get to Havasu. This is costing us potential revenue to our shop owners in Needles they’re not buying lunch they’re not buying drinks or not buying fuel you’re not patronizing our shop owners because they don’t know they’re here. This bill introduced by Jay Obernolte he would accomplish exactly what we set out to do when we pass the second amendment sanctuary city and included reciprocity between states in our resolution. We look forward to working with Jay Obernolte and his staff to get this bill passed in the state of California so we can choose for ourselves I was very pleased to see that he included all the different cities within our county being able to choose for themselves.”


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