News Alert: Desert Hills, AZ: Lots of smoke seen along Colorado River communities is from controlled burn by United States Fish and Wildlife in Blankenship Bend.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Source: Mohave Valley Fire Department (Information):

Desert Hills, Arizona: If you’re noticing lots of smoke coming from along the Colorado River south of Topock, Arizona, ZachNews has learned that the smoke is from a controlled burn.

According to the Mohave Valley Fire Department, the large amount of smoke down towards Topock, Arizona is a controlled burn at Blankenship Bend by the United States Fish and Wildlife.

The controlled burn is reportedly 300 acres.

Blankenship Bend is located along the Colorado River, North of Desert Hills, Arizona.

The smoke can be seen from Topock, Arizona and Needles, California, and as far north as Fort Mohave, Arizona.


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