News Update: Needles, CA: City of Needles thanked their great and dedicated employees during luncheon for their hard work on last month’s water line ruptures and leaks.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Needles, California: Officials for the City of Needles gave thanks to their employees at a luncheon inside the Giggling Cactus restaurant on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 for their hard work during the water line rupture and leaks in late January 2020.

An old water line underneath Lillyhill Drive near the bridge and Interstate 40 ruptured on Tuesday, January 14th 2020 sending water and dirt onto eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 and creating a large hole in the ground along northbound Lillyhill Drive closing the roadway.

The water line created a hammerhead effect that caused other water line damages and leaks in the water system around the community.

Employees from the City of Needles worked non stop to get repairs done and restore service to the community, working continuing hours and into the night to make sure their desert community they love is back on and running with water.

City of Needles Mayor Jeff Williams, Needles City Manager Rick Daniels and Needles City Council Member Timothy Terral were among the few who came to thank their great and dedicated to their work employees as a delicious lunch was laid out for all to enjoy.

Needles City Manager Rick Daniels spoke during the luncheon about the Letter of Commendation that all employees in the City of Needles who were involved in the recent main water line break incident will be receiving.

The Letter of Commendation signed by Terry Campbell, Chairman; Steve Moffitt, Vice Chairman; Mike Schneider, Board Member; Phil LeJeune, Board Member; Jon McNeil, Board Member; and Robert Savant, Board Member states, “The Board of Public Utilities would like to extend our deepest appreciation to every City employee involved in the recent 16″ main water line break and subsequent wellfield manifold and Chesney Park line failures for your prompt response and action to this emergency situation. The level of skill, knowledge and team effort between all departments is to be commended and we’d like to congratulate each of you personally on your outstanding performance in expeditiously restoring water service to our community. THANK YOU!!

Shirts were also given to City of Needles employees that said, “I Survived the Great Water Hammer of 2020.

ZachNews and our community thanks all of the great, dedicated and hard working City of Needles employees for their work during the water line rupture and leaks in late January 2020.


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