Breaking News: Barstow, CA: Magnitude 4.6 earthquake occurred Friday night.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Source: United States Geological Survey (Information):

Barstow, California: The United States Geological Survey has confirmed that a magnitude 4.6 earthquake occurred on Friday night.

The earthquake hit shortly after 7:00 p.m. PT (03:03 UTC) tonight 14 miles north-northeast of Barstow, California, and reports that the earthquake was felt in the California cities of Amboy, Ridgecrest, Victorville, Apple Valley, Fontana, and Glendale, and in the Nevada city of Las Vegas.

The United States Geological Survey has also confirmed that a magnitude 2.9 earthquake occurred six minutes after the magnitude 4.6 earthquake.

According to California Institute of Technology Seismologist Lucy Jones, the first quake was scientifically interesting and occurred on an unmapped thrust fault; adding that the epicenter was between the faults of the Ridgecrest, California earthquakes that occurred in 2019 and magnitude 7.3 earthquake in Landers, California that occurred in 1992.

Reports that officers from the California Highway Patrol are checking all of the bridges and overpasses for any damages.

At this moments, no reports of any injuries or damages from either earthquakes.

According to the United States Geological Survey, a ShakeAlert was sent out about 7 seconds after the earthquake’s origin time, which wasn’t enough warning for people in the Barstow, California area but gave people in the San Bernardino, California area about 25 seconds to prepare.

More information on the earthquake on the United States Geological Survey website at:


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